Nighttime Feedings

Becoming a parent has changed the way I sleep. Pre-baby once I was asleep that was it until morning. (Sometimes that was it until morning/afternoon and someone shook me awake.) Now that Abby’s here I am oblivious to the world until she whimpers.

Tornado? Thunderstorm? The love of my life spontaneously combusting next to me? Well, okay, that hasn’t happened (yet) but I sleep through anything…until my daughter makes the slightest sound: a whisper, a
sound asleep murmur, a whimper…. There have been times I’ve found myself suddenly awake and I have no idea why until I hear it: the barely audible sound of her repositioning herself, maybe a sucking noise or a gurgle.

God forbid she actually CRIES (and she does – between one and four times every night). My heart races and I’m out of bed and down the hall before I realize I’m awake. (Awake-ISH.)

I check on her (crying, eyes closed…um…her, not me), stumble to the kitchen (okay, my eyes are closed too), find a bottle, pour water at it, scoop formula in it’s general direction, shake, stumble back to the nursery and hand the bottle to Abby because she’s got a better shot of finding her mouth than I do. (Honestly? She’s her only shot at finding her mouth. After a quick shot to her eye or up her nose she’s happy.)

[Side note: Matt said he can tell how many times Abby was awake the previous night by how many piles of formula are on the kitchen counter when he wakes up.]

I stumble back to bed (bouncing off walls along the way) and try to slip in bed quietly next to my beautiful baby’s sleeping lummox…er…daddy…(I meant “daddy”…I DID) so he can rest up for work in the morning. Repeat one to four times per night and after the last time I slip (collapse) into bed and fall mercifully asleep…her daddy’s alarm clock goes off.

The good news is that Abby will eventually sleep for longer periods of time. Maybe even all night. The bad news is that her daddy will ALWAYS have to go to work in the morning.

Damn it.