I’m not as dumb as I look

I’m waaaaay dumber than that. Let’s start with this blog for example. It’s taken over a month to figure out that I can’t post anything unless I use the “edit HTML” tab (vs. “compose”). I mean really. Who’da thunk? I couldn’t get the iPhone to type in the compose box (even by registering it as the account related cell phone) and I still don’t have a computer. I told myself “I’ll just do it from the library from now on. It’ll be ok.”

The library’s steroid-addled cyber-patrolled computers won’t let me anywhere near blogspot.com. Obviously I am in the presence of Evil. (Bad, Blogspot! BAD!!)

I’ve got it now though. HA!

But I’m too frustrated to share anything else with you right now so you’ll have to wait. I need an Elisaccino.

P.S. Happy birthday, David Uosikkinen! 🙂


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