Through The Looking Glass

As women we are in constant search for the Fountain of Youth.  Barring that we will try just about anything, no matter how strange it sounds.  Jenny, The Bloggess has been known to wear cat turbans. (LOL. I *heart* her.) But I read somewhere that to see what you’d look like with a face lift you should lie down and hold a mirror above you. (Gravity pulls all the nasty extra skin flaps back over your ears.  Then you look like Dumbo.  Who wants to look like Dumbo post-surgery??)

Anyway…. The trick to younger is head back, facing up.  However, this seems to be in direct clashiness (yes, that’s a word.  Cause I said so, that’s why.) with blow drying your hair upside down to get more volume.  I have very straight, very fine hair.  It’s so fine it doesn’t hold a curl until I get out of the bathroom.  The only way to even pretend to have normal looking hair is to blow dry upside down and product myself silly. (Sillier)

This morning, I’m bent over in the bathroom blow drying my hair (where’s the paparazzi NOW huh??) hoping to look normal when I’m done.  But what I’m also doing is holding my face down and forward. 

So now I have big hair and I look 15 years older.

What the hell??


2 thoughts on “Through The Looking Glass

  1. Maybe you should try standing on the fingers of one hand, on the roof in a gale, and recite the psalms while bending one leg and….WHERE DO YOU WOMEN COME UP WITH THIS STUFF!!!!!


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