I’m Still Learning

…well, everything, but I am specifically trying to learn Abigail-ese (Abbese? Abigese? Abspeak?). I was online this morning during her much sought-after (by me) nap and was startled into panic mode by a screaming wail from her bedroom. I assumed it meant:

“HELP! Something big fell on me! My legs are crushed” or

“There’s blood everywhere, call 9-1-1!” or at the very least

“My leg is stuck in the crib slats again!”

So, suddenly terrified and being Supermom (riiiiiiiight), I run into the bedroom both prepared to lift a misplaced car from my baby and beat back an intruder (who obviously scaled the building next to us and crawled into her locked window to borrow a cup of sugar, being broad daylight and all) and I discover to my relief (glad she’s okay) and disappointment (I really wanted to kick that burglar/axe murder/wayward chef’s ass) her mommy-mind-numbing scream of terror actually meant:

“I’m standing and I can’t get down!”


Her: more standing practice
Me: less caffeine


2 thoughts on “I’m Still Learning

  1. OK! Everytime I post a comment to your blog I have to type in a bunch of letters for "Verification". What the hell am I supposed to be verifying?!? I'm logged into my account!!!!


  2. That you're human and not a spambot. Isn't it nice to know someone can validate your humanity? You know…in case you need proof somewhere?


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