Rubber Buggy Baby Bumpers

Crib bumpers. Yes? No?

Some say they’re a bad idea from the start. The SIDS people have their own version to prevent SIDS deaths.  Some say they’re great and cushion baby’s head when he snuggles against the crib slats (reinventing the womb feeling).  Some say they’re another way for baby to suffocate when he snuggles against it. Some say they couldn’t have lived through the crib years without out it.  Others say they’re glad they never used it.

They have a new shorter wedge version out now.  Bumper “protection” for little heads without the height of a regular bumper to possibly help propel your baby up and over the side when he stands.  They have slat bumpers now that are like pipe insulation that you wrap around each individual slat.  And, for those who deem the crib bumper as a necessary part of nursery decor, they now sell “flags” that hang along the tops of the crib rails, just for decoration.

No matter what your view, though, everyone seems to agree that bumpers should be removed when your baby starts pulling himself up to stand to prevent the risk of him launching himself up over the rail.  So, with that in mind, I removed Abby’s crib bumper.

Now, every night and every naptime her legs get stuck between the slats and I have to rescue her.  So, what am I doing?  When I lay her down I now roll up her comforter and lay it along the crib rail so her feet don’t go through the slats.

You know.  LIKE A BUMPER.



3 thoughts on “Rubber Buggy Baby Bumpers

  1. Lol…so what you're trying to say is that you removed the normal safety device in order to implement one with lesser safety value……ROFL!!!!I'm confused 🙂


  2. Uh…that should have said "To strap ABBY in the crib with duct tape"…I don't think Frances has any weird crib-lying duct-taping fetish we need to know about. *ahem* Or, if she does…I'm sure it would have come up in her book. Right? Right?? ((0.o))


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