End of the week catch-up

And it’s not happening. 😦 I’m still sleep-deprived or something cause I just can’t get moving/stop yawning/motivated to do…anything. It feels like thee is always something hanging over my head and I’m not anxious about it or worrying about what to do and all drama drama drama….i’m just…sad.

So, it’ll probably be a long weekend.  Matt’s promised to stay up with Abby and take care of her so I can rest this weekend. I just hope she doesn’t end up wearing both of us out cause he’s got work again Monday. :S

Everything is fine.  Manageable.  I’m just…I don’t know what I am. I need an intervention.


6 thoughts on “End of the week catch-up

  1. First you need to let your mind wind down. If you are not anxious about anything and you are unable to sleep maybe you should find someone else to be anxious for and intervene for them. Warning !!! Once you start down the path of concerning for others you might be classified as a good person and might miss out on the insomniac of the year award. Counting prayers works better than counting sheep.


  2. According to Stephen King, if you stay awake long enough you get really really smart. I don't think I can stay awake that long.*breaks into hysterical laughter*


  3. Are you taking any sleep aids other than reading poor attempts by me to create cognitive suggestions which infer sleep is so much more familiar to me? All I know is I don’t. If there’s no Pain how can you possibly know Joy? Tonight, lie in bed and contemplate all the possible scenarios that last sentence represents. Let your mind drift and latch onto the meaning that best suits your situation. And for heaven’s sake stop drinking Mt. Dew right before bed time.


  4. lol. I don't take anything because usually I have to be cognisant enough to wake up when Abby cries. As soon as she sleeps all night I'm running (RUNNING) to the dr to get Ambien!And tonight was the first time I've had Mt. Dew in AGES! rofl


  5. Told you you'd feel better after some decent rest. You should be right as rain after tonight. Then I gotta get myself back right for work on Monday. *sighMy work is never done…lol.


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