Banana Phone! ARGH!



4 thoughts on “Banana Phone! ARGH!

  1. In hopes of succumbing to the subliminal Banana Bounce which, as you know, is a line dance created to purge the upper gastric intestinal tract paving the way for a smoother running lower one, I have opted to view the Banana Phone in 3D and would advise others to take care and position the 3D glasses securely on their faces before they engage in running the video. Are you trying to share your insomnia? What, are you crazy? “Misery loves company” Is this the premise from which your Blog draws its conclusions? I’ve got dibs on “Rock Abby Baby” sung backwards, hanging upside down, and sipping warm milk through a straw tonight. You’ll have to try something else to fall asleep!!!


  2. I find myself bouncing on the trampoline in the living room singing RING RING RING RING RING BANANA PHONE…….Do you suppose that's why the neighbors no longer make eye contact and now walk their dog in the OTHER direction?? Hmm.


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