Stupid Baby Tricks

We wanted to teach her something she could use her whole life:


3 thoughts on “Stupid Baby Tricks

  1. We do not know each other except for what is revealed in our writings. I’ve read and maybe misunderstood that you are not sleeping thus making you a tyrannical monarch in a kingdom of miserable subjects. On my planet there are several such Kingdoms all with ever increasing numbers of “Unhappy Campers”. I was forced to take refuge in a world that pitted brother against brother because of differences in skin color and I have found the secret to Peace is first knowing who has it then excepting it when it’s offered. Look around and you’ll see more people with worse problems. I have and now feel ashamed that I’ve cried over “spilled milk” by comparison. I have seen firsthand the power of prayer and found strength in other people’s weakness. It’s always easier to sleep after helping someone else cross their finish line ahead of your own. I feel as though I may be causing some friction between others. This was not my intention. It’s the same life just different individuals. I was just looking for some alternative writing muses. I gots kicked outda riters gild for miskonduckt.


  2. I *blinks eyes innocently* a tyrannical monarch?? HA! I mean…noooo….and actually after this weekend I'm not sleep-deprived anymore. Just weird.I don't know no Miss Conduck. lol


  3. Then let me tell you, watch out or Ms Constrooed will swear you gave her your lunch pass and you'll miss Monday's meat loaf surprise tomorrow.


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