It goes so fast. Or not.

I saw “normal”…it sped past and I couldn’t grab on. I heard “normal” but it whispered and vanished when I turned around. I felt “normal”…

…and then Abby stayed up all night!

7:45ish PM: She went to bed. (YES)

9:15pm She woke up and Daddy was able to rock her back to sleep. (YES)

11:00pm Daddy and I went to bed. I let out a sigh of relief and Abby woke up. (NO!!)

11:01pm She didn’t want the bottle. (NO!)

11:02pm She didn’t want to be held/rocked/bounced. (NO!)

11:04pm She didn’t want to be sung/talked to or pleaded with. (NO!)

11:15pm We went in the living room where we watched TWO movies. (GAH!)

4:03am She (FINALLY!) fell asleep on my shoulder. (YES, THANK YOU GOD!)

4:15am Daddy’s alarm clock went off.


4:16am She went back to sleep.

5:40am She was dozing very lightly and heard Daddy getting ready for work.

5:40:30am She sat straight up on me to look for Daddy.

5:42am She laid back down. (PHEW)

5:43am I wish for another blanket because I’m cold but don’t dare move.

6:03am Matt kisses us and apparently decides we’re as cold as the dead.

6:07am Matt leaves.

6:08am I lay Abby in her crib and she stays asleep. *cue halleluja choir*

6:09am I finally crawl into bed “for the night”.

7:23am Abby wakes up. She lays down with a bottle and goes back to sleep.

7:24am I curl up with my pillow over my face and cry softly.

9:03am Abby cries. I wake up on wet pillow.

9:07am I give Abby bottle and lay back down.

9:17am Abby finishes bottle and declares it morning.

9:20am I stumble into the living room with Abby wondering why I’m so warm.

9:21am I discover heater is turned up ALL THE WAY.

9:23am Abby drinks bottle while I strip her, change her diaper and she roams “baby naked.” (Diaper only.)

9:25am It is too hot to breathe in here. Hell is cooler.

9:27am I crawl into the kitchen and open window.

9:29am I make it back into the living room, but am too weak to open window.

9:30am Abby and I lay very still staring at the ceiling until temperature drops.

11:30am Abby takes nap.

11:31am I realize I am now too awake to sleep and will have to make due on what sleep I’ve gotten.

11:32am I cry.

1:00pm Abby still asleep. Evil voice in my brain whispers “Welcome to Hell.”

1:02pm I decide everything can be solved with a bubble bath.

Someone send brownies?


3 thoughts on “It goes so fast. Or not.

  1. You know, coffee can relax you especially after doing battle in Hell. Make sure you put on a short sleeve shirt with a pocket and have Double mint gum in the pocket. After you pass out, the coffee will stain your shirt but mix with the gum and offset the sour milk smell and become your favorite dust rag latter. It makes a good 8th grade graduation present too.


  2. Sorry, I can’t help you there. My kids are grown and have left the nest, yet another experience to cause insomnia. I seem to remember losing my appreciation for apple sauce after the first diaper change.


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