Friday is the new Wednesday

I never know what day it is. I swear I look and go on thinking it’s whatever day I’ve read only to find out it’s a day later. It’s very confusing. I am totally displaced in the world. My own private time warp.
Last night Matt told me “I have to work tomorrow.” (He doesn’t usually work Fridays.)

Me: Thinking it was Wednesday, “Yeah…” (DUH)

Matt: “I just found out today. How did you know?”

Me: “What day is it?”

Every week.

I may be forced to either get an actual job just so I know what day it is, or possibly send Abby to school as soon as she can walk. One of those.

And I was coming to tell you guys…something…but I can’t remember what. It was funny. But I can’t remember what it was.

On my way here I stopped to change Abby’s diaper. I dumped a poopy into the toilet to flush and got splashed in the face with toilet water. For some reason I held my breath. I threw the diaper away and washed my face (again) even though clean toilet bowl water is supposed to be cleaner than a dog’s mouth. Or something.

So I guess my message for today is to blog every day so you know what day it is, and don’t drink out of the toilet. Or make out with your dog. Whatever.


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