I’m In Trouble with a capital ABBY.

First came standing.

Then this:

“You can barracade me in here, but I can stand here and wait!”


“I can reach this…”

“And this…”

“…and hey, what’s this?”


“Hey, put me down! No head can contain me!”

She’s not even WALKING yet and all I’m doing is chasing her around. Someone send vitamins. lol. I’m going to need all the help I can get.


2 thoughts on “I’m In Trouble with a capital ABBY.

  1. We had to lock our oldest in his bedroom at night because before he was 11 months old (part monkey), he could escape his crib. Once in the wee morning hours we found him down the hall, in the utility room, getting ready to turn the knobs on the water heater! Yup. Locked door at night.Your daughter is beautiful and absolutely has the right attitude about life: GO FOR IT! That urge will serve her well. It is your job, Momma, to keep her headed in the right direction.Hey, good luck with that. ;>)


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