RANDOM with an E

V8 Splash Berry Blast tastes like my childhood: fruit flavored ice pops purchased at the local swimming pool during adult swims, pixie sticks bought with my own money (allowance), the memory of hot sun warming chilled skin. And it gives me heartburn. (Much like my childhood.)

One man’s bacon is another man’s swordfish. Not everyone likes the same thing you like. ADAPT! Although, if everyone liked the same things I did life would be so much simpler.When someone asks me to dinner I wouldn’t have to ask what they were having before deciding whether I’ll stay or if I have some vinyl siding to polish. Also? I’d always get something I like for my birthday.

Bacon is the new crack. (Self-explanatory.)

I have second degree bacon burns. If you haven’t figured it out, I LIKE BACON. I also had some today which is why it’s featured predominantly in my thoughts. There is no moral to this one. Unless I can just tell you “hot bacon grease” is just that: HOT!

Kia’s new Black Cherry isn’t like the old Black Cherry. I’m so disappointed. I had a Kia Sportage picked out with features that I want and I had chosen the color “black cherry”. It is now more black and less cherry and looks like a Goth girl’s fingernails. I don’t like it now. Back to the drawing board.

Why is it you don’t want something until someone tells you you can’t have it? I don’t have a quip for this…just WHY??

Stop to smell the roses today. The sun is out! 🙂


5 thoughts on “RANDOM with an E

  1. My son had a sleepover last night and he wanted to have bacon. So we got some the other day. He was trying to be all healthy and get the good stuff. I said, "Do not get the "healthy" bacon. There is no such thing. Get the good stuff. The fatty stuff. That's the only way to go." I love bacon, but I don't eat it much anymore. Wish I could. I hate V8 with a passion. And it's one of those things that I keep trying over and over, hoping I'll change my mind.


  2. Actually the healthy bacon isn't too bad. We were using that when we switched to eating mostly healthy, no chemical foods. We broke up after Abby was gone and kind of decided "fuck it" and haven't been able to get back into the swing.I hate regular V8 (tastes too much like blood) but the fruit stuff tastes like other fruit juice. (Except the berry blast which just ROCKS!)New trick this week? Getting Abby out for a walk everyday it isn't raining. Or snowing. Here in NWPA it's been doing that intermittently the past couple weeks. (Interspersed with rain or sun or 80 degree temps. Mother Nature is on crack.) I saw you say that you have to get back to running. I won't do that, lol…but I'm moving. I also live in the 3rd story walkup. So every time I leave my house is also like 15 minutes on the Stairmaster.


  3. Actually I LIKE the turkey bacon and it makes clean-up so much easier because there's so little grease. Of course, I mostly use it in PEA SALAD…


  4. I keep responding to this and sometimes I see it posted and other times it's not here. So…my laptop is haunted.That would explain why I couldn't connect to our wireless setup the other day.Also would explain all the typos. Totally not me.GHOST.


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