Auto-Reply to FWD: FWD: FWD: (Seussified)

I start my day and it is fine

From my desk I go online

I check my email to see what’s new

And what I see is “From ME! To YOU!

…and Dad, Mom and Sister, Brother,

Aunts, Uncles, cousins, OTHER…


U must C this! It’s so untoward!”

You there, “friend”, do you know you’ve sent

Your entire address book’s content??

“The puppies, bears and next the cats”

Oh stop, please stop, I don’t need that

“Attachment 1 and 2 and 3

Attachment 4 and 5 and…See?”

The list goes on my heart has sunk

You’re more annoying than I had thunk

The message stretches, goes berserk

I can’t read more – I have to work!

“If you love your mother, forward twice”

I won’t do that, no, that’s not nice

I love to hear from friends, that’s true.

That list no longer includes you!

You eat up others’ precious time

To share your life that’s less sublime

It makes me want to kick and yell

Look, don’t email. Go to Hell!


6 thoughts on “Auto-Reply to FWD: FWD: FWD: (Seussified)

  1. Im glad you did it, sister! Yesterday I received a couple of attachments about immigration. I did'nt open them. I merely replied, "Read my blog."During the last election, I received an especially offensive email and I wrote the woman back: "I find your attachment to be offensive. I am surprised that you sent it, because you have told me that you are a Christian. Please don't ever send me anything like this again."The next time I saw the woman, she was especially friendly to me. Guess she was trying to make amends for her stupidity.Do you mind if I save your post to send to people who just don't get the message?xoxo


  2. Funny take! It cracked me up! The worst is the chain emails I get. "If you don't send this to 4,000 people, etc." I'm superstitious, so I don't even dare open them to look anymore. I hope writing this made you feel a little better today.


  3. I put a stop to the chain mails by telling people that they were for the purpose of phishing, and all they wanted was your address book. So I don't get those any more.


  4. May I interject, that if I do forward something I put MY address line in the TO box and the receivers addys in the BCC space so no one else can see them. I'm sure if they thought about it no one would want their email addresses given to your friends, their friends and the sixty thousand ppl who read the same email before it got to you. (0.0)And, no. I don't forward a lot. It has to be either exceptionally funny (like me!) or something I know someone is interested in. (I send Mattel sales to Matt, designer sales to my SIL.)


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