May the Fourth Be With You

Today is NATIONAL STAR WARS DAY! How the hell did Star Wars get a national day? I had to poke around a bit and then in the end had to have someone actually explain it to me.

May the force be with you = May the Fourth (May 4th) be with you….*sigh* It was funny and clever for about a second and a half.

I guess this explains why all the Star Wars movies were on tv recently? Or it was coincidence and no one knew it was Star Wars day except for the Lucases. I did happen to watch Attack of The Clowns…

you know…the one where in the end Yoda turns into a super bouncy ball with a light saber and kicks Willy Wonka’s father’s ass?

Count Dooku

Willy Wonka’s Dad

[This is why I don’t review movies!]

Whatever. I just felt left out because apparently everyone else knew it was NATIONAL STAR WARS DAY and showed up for work today in their bathrobes.

I need a secretary!


19 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You

  1. Well, I didn't know it was a national holiday today! Do you know if there is a Willy Wonka Day? If there is, let me know, so I can go to work in MY bathrobe.


  2. None of them wore capes or robes so you'd have to get dressed and either wear a top hat or lots of self-tanner. ((0.o))


  3. I hate to contradict you, sister, but I think the grandfather wore his bathrobe a good bit of the time. Remember how they all stayed in one bed all the time? I remember this movie because I fell in love with Gene Wilder.


  4. Elisa! You joined my blog!!! Thank you! I just noticed! And you are in Alabama! I used to live in Birmingham–actually Pelham. AND The Lake House is one of my favorite movies! AND so is "Somewhere in Time."Maybe we are really twins, but your parents gave me away to the gypsies because they couldn't handle TWO exceptionally brilliant children. THEN the gypsies sold me to MY parents, because my parents could never be approved by any adoption agency because my father was bipolar with paranoid tendencies, and my mother spent her days smiling at herself in the mirror.AND you're an artist! Yea!!Gosh, Elisa! Isn't it a small world!


  5. LOL! 🙂 Matt is from Phenix City, AL/Columbus, GA so I'm a transplant. My parents were from the NY/PA area. I was born in Buffalo, NY. (oooooh)I went to the Art Institute of Philly after high school, and got a certificate in interior decorating after that. My main hobby was photography, but I've only taken snapshots since having to hawk my camera to pay for a week at a motel. (Homeless. Someone stole the film camera I had which I wouldn't have felt so bad about pawning so I had to actually pawn my $$$ digital camera. Damn.)I thought you were going somewhere for a month?? 🙂


  6. I am leaving Saturday, going first to New Orleans to see our daughter, then to Atlanta to see Rod's mum, probably for the last time. Then we are going to see our Tennessee children and then our Kentucky son and his wife, who have twins almost one year old.I had family in Columbus/Phenix City, but they are all dead now.I'm off to the dermatologist for my six month checkup. Have a good day sister!


  7. Shudder is right! He froze one malignancy and 4 pre-cancerous spots. I hope I am set for the next six months!When we drive through Alabama, I will wave!


  8. What's Star Wars?….kidding…..But I don't give a shit what day it is, I'm not wearing a bathrobe to work. Well, to be honest I don't own a bathrobe. Underwear will have to do.


  9. I am back from lunch with my BFA. Her birthday will happen while I am gone, so I wanted to celebrate early. O.k, I did it and now I have to take a nap! Way too much food and beverages!I lived in PA for a short period of time–not nearly long enough–so I hope you are having some fun and relaxation!xoxo


  10. TGP, Boxers or briefs? HAHAHAHAI went down to the gallery to pick up my work from the Monsters That Made Us show and the owner wanted to keep Young Santa for the next show, AND he raised the price I had on it considerably!I'm a happy gal.


  11. Boxers. Sometimes those boxer/briefs, but those damn things are too tight. My wife likes them though…..Oh, I'm sorry, is that too much info. Hey Elisa, I just noticed your picture standing on the wall. Looks like your posing for a magazine or something. I like it!!And you're living in Alabama? Where have I been? If you're looking for post topics, why not something about Alabama, your town, etc. People like me, living in the Northeast are always interested in hearing about our Southern friends. Seriously!!


  12. TGP, definitely too much info!Elisa, you should write something about living in a river town in the South! You could talk about Ft. Benning, and how soldiers were forbidden to cross the river into Phenix City during WWII because it was a city of sin and debauchery. With your wit, I know you can write something funny about that!Lott for my new post this afternoon.


  13. Okay…I leave to sleep and look what you do. OMG.Nameless Guy…TMI. And I've been racking my brain and can't come up with a movie that would let you get away with wearing underwear to work. Um…Mr. Mom maybe. (But you've been there!) Uh….Risky Business?? rofl Then you can use your iPod.Judie, I've never been to Ft. Benning. All I know about it is Cuba Gooding Jr was there to make a movie, and the only thing I know about the river is Matt told me Atlanta dumps all their sewage into it and all the guys in Phenix City/Columbus fishing? EeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwWe went to the museum and saw some guy's blood spattered, bullet riddled clothes and he was killed by the mafia or something. Matt said there were books and I think a movie about Phenix City, but until I met him I'd never heard of it.And since that's where we got robbed (in a motel room…i was in the bathroom!!) I really don't care to hear about it ever again. MIL and SIL are there though so I guess I have to. Thinking about it makes me sick. (Um, Phenix City…not my MIL and SIL)And did anyone watch my Star Wars movie (next post)? Is it only funny to ME?


  14. O.K. then do a post about being robbed in Phenix City. Did you actually see the robbers? Were they morons? Did they have guns?You can do it!


  15. No I didn't see them, but they had to be watching us the evening before because I was out with my camera taking pics. Matt was taking stuff out to the truck and left the door open (not wide open, but open) and like I said, I was in the bathroom. When Matt came back he's like "Did you throw the red bag under the stairs?" And we were all confused and then noticed my camera bag was gone. (My digital camera was in the truck thank goodness) The film camera, nice charger for the digital camera, film, batteries and our cell phones were in the camera bag. :SWe called the police, but they were pretty much like "Good luck." The officer pointed out we were lucky that was all they wanted cause they could have hurt me. That's when I freaked.


  16. Anyone who tries to hurt me is in for a big surprise. if backed into a corner, I can really do some serious harm. Hmmmm, you are a lot smarter than I am. After what I have gone through in my life, I have no fear.


  17. I feel sort of vulnerable when I'm in the bathroom with my pants down. If they'd wanted something else I had half the work done for them!*faints*


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