It’s a sick day, an ick day, a what a prick day…

I am sick today. No, that’s not a good thing. You know how sometimes being sick means you get to lie on the couch and be all snuggly under a blanket and watch tv and just fall asleep? You’re sick, but you’re comfy.

This is a different sick.

Abby woke me up last night about 3:30. I had a hard time going back to sleep. Somewhere between 4:30 and 5 I dropped off finally. I didn’t sleep well because the mysterious stomach pains are back. My guy left at 5:30 and I heard the front door close. Then I was wide awake again. Way to go, door.

I hung out on the couch with the laptop until about 7:45 when I decided maybe having something in my tummy would help. I went with scrambled eggs. BAD MOVE! BAD! From 8:15-9:30 I threw up about every 20 minutes. Bleh.

At 9:30 Abby woke up so I changed her and got her settled with her own scrambled eggs. Yesterday she ate some with no problem. She fed herself, no mess, no moving around. It was nice. Today when I’m sick? She did all but throw them against the wall. Remember my living room is carpeted and full of furniture?

Do you know how hard it is to get damp cold clammy smooshy scrambled eggs bits off/out of the carpet? Do you know what kind of a mess that is? Do you know it can be hard to pick them up without smooshing them into the carpet? Let me tell ya: picking egg bits up is slightly (oh so slightly) better than running over them with the vacuum cleaner. ((0.o)) Don’t ask me how I know that.

Then, I get an email…a lovely email…from one of my readers who suggest I should be snuggled up with tea, soup and cookies. ♥

Once Abby goes to sleep for her lunchtime nap I hobble off to the kitchen to get some tea. I choose peppermint. Mostly because it’s my favoritest tea ever. (I use it in cocoa too!) It always cheers me up, and peppermint is good for your tummy. Now, I never seem to be able to finish my hot drinks while they’re still hot. A cup of coffee can last me most of the day (with repeated trips to the microwave). So, today my tea got cold. And I’m sick which changes the way things taste. My lovely peppermint tea was cold with a delicious and stimulating moth ball aftertaste.

So now I’m nauseous again.

I called my guy at work, told him I’m pukey and he, well, first he said “Maybe you’re pregnant!” 😡 then asked, “Aww…and how can I help you?” I asked for ginger ale. Hopefully that’ll stay down. (I’ve had times where it hasn’t.) Bleh.

So..that’s me. Nauseous, sick, and bleh.

I also can’t work Facebook, but that’s another post.


2 thoughts on “It’s a sick day, an ick day, a what a prick day…

  1. Hello morning!! how are you feeling today? I hope a bit better. And if you do, please don't try to use a lot of energy, but get more strength back (I kinda do that, resulting in being overly tired the day hehe). Hmm I sound like a doctor…I need my glasses to complete my look…Also hope that your little girl will eat like a princess so you don't need to clean the mess up! Did the ginger ale stay down? I hope so!Have a lovely day!TJHmm can't Facebook? Not that I'm an expert, but maybe I can help? Just let me know!


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