ROFL. Okay, first, I am better. I WAS SICK. Why is it men need to think SICK = PREGNANT? Is it a macho thing? “Ooh…look. I knocked her up. I am man, hear me roar!” ???? Sheesh. And for those wondering, I will not be having any more children. I had my tubes removed during the search and rescue operation for Abby. I’m not pregnant.

Despite being incredibly dizzy (seriously dizzy)…as in so dizzy I grabbed my guy’s head in bed last night so I wouldn’t spin off into the cosmos dizzy. I was just trying to hold on til it was over. He said “Ow…” lol. Eventually I let go and apologized.

What was I saying? Oh yes, despite the dizzies, I am declaring myself better. Better-ish. I was feeling a little bleh today, but I think it’s because my guy isn’t here and my heart is sick without him. (aaawwwwwww) I’m not REALLY sick. Just in love.

Today is Monday which means it’s time to be good to myself. Today that means I will take a bath! WOOT! (hard to squeeze in sometimes with Abby) And also indulge in some amazing olive bread that my guy made for me last night. TOTALLY AMAZING with bruschetta topping. Would make a killer pizza crust too. SO. DAMN. GOOD.

Abby will be getting a bath at some point today too, and I’m about to vacuum all this weekends crumbs from the living room. Then dinner and my guy will be here and my heart can relax.

Overall? NOT PREGNANT, happy, going to bathe and eat. WOOT!

Have a great week, yo!

P.S. I have to share this cause it’s just too damn cute. Yesterday my guy went to the store in search of the amazing olive bread ingredients. He came home with a dozen roses for me.

He said he went through the check out and the cashier asked him if it was my birthday or our anniversary. He said “No, just cause I love her.” Then he said “Everyone in the whole line said, ‘aaaaaaaaaaaw’.” He hung his head in embarrassment and asked, “Really?” I had to laugh. He’s so MALE. Seeing him sensitive is just so cute!


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