The Universe Had Its Say

Generally speaking I don’t believe in signs. …Well, I believe in traffic signs… *shakes head* You know what I mean! I don’t think the Universe is sending us messages that will help our lives if we’d only pay heed. Life is pretty much what you make it, and even if you make the best decisions possible you’re living with other people on the planet, some of whom do NOT make the best decisions possible. Translation? You may be great, smart, and a wonderful human being, but you live on a planet with douche canoes, imbeciles and asshats who also make decisions that may somehow affect your life (and ruin it).

I will admit to living thinking I would just choose the lesser of two evils cause it was the best I could do.

But then someone pointed out that the lesser of two evils is still evil.


And life goes on. I live, things happen, I try to deal, and it’s another day done. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Then I see movies.

Damn damn damn

In these movies there is a sweet, lovable, strong and amazing character who happens to believe wholeheartedly that the Universe is sending signs and if she looks for them, recognizes them and heeds them her life is wonderful. And in the movies, it usually is. Of course, the movie is two hours long and even I could probably make my life look good for two hours.

But still, it makes me think (and I harbor secret desires of being smart, lovable and charming). So I decide to try watching the signs for a while to see what happens.

Dawn of a new day

I wake up after not getting enough sleep, play with the baby and do our normal morning stuff. Then, baby gets sleepy and actually just lays down for her nap. No second-thoughts. I get a tweet from someone who said she’s on vacation, hell with it: she’s going to go back to bed and sleep in for a change. It’s VACATION! Also rattling around in the back of my head is the parenting advice that spared me some sanity: “sleep when the baby sleeps”. I take this as Universal Sign #1. I go back to bed for a nap. I actually fall asleep. (Usually I can’t sleep during the day unless I’m hopped up on Benadryl for breathing purposes.) I smile myself to sleep thanking the Universe for the small break…

…and wake up screaming and crying two hours later because I’ve just had the most awfully horrific bad dream of my life. This was yesterday and I STILL can’t get it out of my head. (My guy calls at lunch to check on me and I cry and just miss him more.)

Damn Universe.

Today I wake up and find a note and a flower on the computer. It appears the Universe has righted itself, the planets are aligned and all is well in the world. I relax.

Then I sign into Facebook, catch up with my peeps (rofl…just misspelled that POOPS. hee hee hee) and play Farmville. Immediately I get a pop up that says they now have Tuscan decorations. (Side note: I am a SUCKER for anything Tuscan.) So I click myself into the marketplace. The lovely Tuscan home they have available for purchase is called a “fattoria”.

Did Farmville just call me fat?

I’ve been stressing about my weight lately. It increased over the winter and doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere. It’s never more than half a thought away. I’m obsessed. And now the house Farmville wants to sell me to live in is a FATTORIA????







2 thoughts on “The Universe Had Its Say

  1. What is this Farmville thing? Shit, I don't even know what apps are really? So lame…Anyway, I think movies are dangerous. So many people think they're actually real. I did for a long time and then one day I said to myself, "What happens now?" Meaning, OK, they're back together, but then what? We never see the couple living their lives day in and day out and dealing with some of the people you mention, and dealing with each other on the bad days. Now those kind of movies are annoying.We got asked a question about "chick flicks" and which ones guys actually like. We'll be discussing on the next podcast. Hang in there. And get some sleep. ps. I never slept when the babies slept. I usually read. Seemed more rejuvenating.


  2. *stares blankly*Farmville is a game on Facebook (also at where you start with a couple plots and you work your little farmer and strive to make a bigger and better farm. The bigger you get the more crops you have access to, and the more decorations you have and the more other stuff you can buy (houses, fences, etc).My MIL and SIL play too so it's become more of a competition. They're winning. :S Oh. They recently added dogs so I finally have a pet. LOL I named mine after my SIL. Hahahahaha.I think the sleeping thing works better when the babies are new. That's when, as the mom who just birthed them, you're worn out too and recovering. Right now I usually write or read. The days I try to sleep just make me sleepier.No nightmares last night. I think the planets are realigning for me. *fingers crossed* Thanks for the comment.


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