Simmering Sunday (long, sorry)

I love weekends. My guy doesn’t work weekends so I get to spend time with him and catch up on household business, our wants and needs as a family, he gets to spend more time with Abigail (who just soaks up the attention) and after she goes to bed I get to hang out with the guy I love and miss all week.

Today, I slept in (ok, mostly cause I was up til 4am. By contrast, my guy went to “take a nap” about 7pm last night and woke up about 3:45 this morning). This is another nice thing about weekends. My guy can nap if he wants (he works like crazy all week) and I can sleep in or sleep through the night because he’s willing to wake up with Abigail if she wakes. Weekends are recharging. My guy still needs to work on that somehow because he’s also superintendent for all the buildings our landlord owns (4) so for some of this weekend and most of last weekend he was also working and not so much relaxing.

We also had an agreement: since he’s the cook in the family (AND he loves it) and I am cooking by default during the week because he’s working, he cooks on the weekends. I *heart* this. First, because, yes I don’t have to do it, but second because…he’s AMAZING. I mean I can throw stuff together and make it edible and even tasty. But what he does…he’s an artist.

Today he and the baby got dressed and said, “Bye Mommy! We’ll see you later.” For half a second I wish they’d asked me if I wanted to go do whatever they’re doing, but then I smile because I know he’s trying to get in some one-on-one time that I get so much of. Abigail is growing and learning so quickly that every couple of days she’s almost like a whole different person. I don’t begrudge him any time with her that he wants. She needs her daddy and loves him to death and he purely adores her. They have a relationship they both need.

So they waved goodbye and I took a much needed bath. The world around me looks much better when I am clean. Also, I had a new body wash I wanted to try. 🙂 After that I put on clean clothes (shorts and a lace trimmed camisole) and sat on the balcony sunbathing. Nothing like comfortable breezes, ice cold Pepsi (diet be damned!) and a Jen Lancaster to read while just BEING. No worries, no pressing needs…just the sun, the breeze and my book. (WIN!)

When they come home they join me on the balcony to tell me about their adventure. They went to the water and the grocery store. He’s already thinking of me and dinner. Often those two are inseparable. He lets me know he loves me by cooking something great I love or in this case, I mentioned the other day I’d love a steak. (Haven’t had one of those in ages!) So, he got steak, veggies, mushrooms and fresh wheat rolls. I can’t wait for dinnertime. 🙂

I laid Abby down for a nap (she’s usually awake an hour or two before she naps…it’s been 3.5) and she went right to sleep. My guy is now doing laundry (I do little stuff during the week…we hand wash everything). I have fibromyalgia so I can’t lift heavy wet stuff and one of my wrists just doesn’t twist (so I can’t wring big things out very well). So he washes the big/heavy things during the week and on weekends. We both wash dishes, feed Abby etc over the weekend. During the week the dishes are all me. Bleh.

Anyway, he’s catching up right now and I’m writing. After having a bath and sunbathing this just feels very very…vacation-y. I like! Hopefully he’ll take some time to just sit down later. (He was sitting this morning. He watched a movie.) I don’t like feeling like he’s running around all the time and gets no “off” time before heading back to work on Mondays. :/ He doesn’t either. But he’s not the kind of person to wake up in the morning and lay around. He needs a bit more of that in his system and less of “I have to…” “I need to…” “I’m going to…” I even tried to get him to try to do what needs to be done on Friday or Friday and part of Saturday, that way he’d have Sunday, but that didn’t work.

I feel like crap cause he’s doing laundry. I feel like crap cause he lets me sleep (although, he loves to be with Abby and she him and I obviously need sleep or I wouldn’t be capable of sleeping 14 hours at a time).

Okay. He needs to SIT DOWN and I need to STOP FEELING GUILTY for letting him be close enough to take care of me.

And, I don’t think I mentioned this in previous blogs (!!!), but on May 17, Abigail became a walker. She turned 11 months old yesterday.

NOW we’re in trouble!


2 thoughts on “Simmering Sunday (long, sorry)

  1. Yeah for Abigail!!! I loved it so much when my kids started walking. So wonderful!!!And soon she'll be one. Wow, time flies for sure. Enjoy every moment you can. You sound so happy in general. And that's great too.Happy Monday!


  2. I wasn't rushing her. I keep saying the first two years you're trying to get your baby to talk and walk and after that all you're doing is telling them to shut up and sit down. LOL.My mind is boggling at the concept of the end of her first year. Where'd it go??? I enjoy every second with her.Thanks for the comment.


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