In the Zone!

Maybe because you’ve been reading what I write you’re familiar with the size of my Comfort Zone. It’saboutthisbig.  This past week I was told asked politely with a sense of impending urgency to  make sure my seat was in the upright position, my tray table securely fastened, grab my integrity and please exit the Comfort Zone, don’t let the door hit me on my way out. Thank you for playing. Have a nice day. Hail, Caesar!

At first I was petrified. After all, I’ve lived inside this particular Comfort Zone for the better part of the past twenty years. It’s enclosed, heated, cooled, has indoor plumbing, a sleeping area and a kitchen. It now also has cable and wifi. Why leave if I don’t have to? Why? WHY?

Apparently the time has come and it looks like I have to. Money speaks louder than words. Money DOES buy happiness, no matter what your mother told you.

Working world, here I come!

I asked if I could be a hooker. I’d get to wear fun shoes, meet people, I could lie down and the fridge is but steps away. My guy said, “Anything that brings in money.”

*blank stare*
After birthing babies and gaining weight over the winter I’d have to pay people just to come over, nevermind DO things with me. So, scratch that.

Over the weekend I crawled out of the gate. I picked up applications and filled most of them out (I don’t have references!).

Yesterday I reached a healthy trot: I did some research online and applied for two positions that I’m capable of doing and that allow telecommuting. (I DON’T have to leave my Comfort Zone!) One is a revamp of a website, the other is blurbing and sounds like a more permanent position. I can blurb. I do that here. So…

We’ll see how it goes. I’m still looking, still wandering aimlessly wondering where I’m getting references (no past employers or family — I don’t have family, so that’s no biggie, but most of the people who know me well enough to vouch for me I’ve known through past jobs, so…. damn), and still hoping for something that will bring in money that I can do from here. (BEST IDEA EVER!)

Now, to find someone who appreciates me enough to give me money. And who isn’t my Gramma.


8 thoughts on “In the Zone!

  1. I hear you, Sister. I went and got me a professor job last week and I haven't stopped freaking out about having to travel two days a week into Manhattan. I can do the teacher-performing thing fine. I just don't want to leave the house.After all this time do you know what I'm most scared of?Catching colds. I'm going to have to start ecunasia, Perel & zinc…


  2. From what I hear, Airborne is the way to go. Matt is a budding herbalist (pun totally intended) and says echinacea isn't all it's cracked up to be."Ecunasia" is a cross between cold medicine and ending it all? :)So, all you need is videoconferencing and you can teach from home in front of your "smart wall". You know: the wall full of books and tasteful objets d'art we take pics in front of hoping we look like we know something. Anything.Thanks for reading! šŸ™‚


  3. Ciao Elisa!!Ooh so you're in the zone huh! I'm happy to hear that ^_^! The first steps have been made.Is it really necessary to have references? Here in Holland, you don't have to add these, only if they ask for it or if you apply for a job where they have to check how your past work experiences went.I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!Take care,TJ


  4. Here in America if you're applying for a regular job, yes, references are included right on the application. The only time that doesn't happen is if you're a business person or someone with a resume. You can say "references provided upon request" and have them if they ask (and they usually always do).Someday I'm coming back to Holland, if only to get some wooden shoes. Last time I was there I had a list of people who wanted souvenirs and I didn't have enough money. I actually ended up getting souvenirs for other people and NOTHING for myself. :/Thanks for reading and stalking me. šŸ™‚ How's the thesis coming?


  5. I WAS in the zone before I left for Hotlanta. Now I am back, and trying to get back into the zone so I can write something beside simple sentences. Thanks for the nice pat. I finished the last of the nineteen books I read just as we were crossing into Arizona yesterday. The ropes around my chest began to loosen, and hopefully by the end of the week, they will be gone.


  6. Ooh I see! I honestly didn't know that. So checking references is pretty important!You visited Holland! Which city? How cool is that! Awww that's a shame that you didn't get something for yourself. Reminds me of my holiday to Portugal. My mom also bought tons of stuff for other people and when we wanted something…we always had to see if it was possible to get -_-. If you want something from Holland, just let me know! I would be happy to send some wooden shoes over! or something else haha. I'm serious.Yes I'm your stalker haha. Thesis is going okay! I'm rewriting a piece now.*waves*


  7. TJ I love you because you're so happy. I can't help but see your name and smile. Maybe we could have a gift exchange? Anything you want from America? I can send that, you can send me wooden shoes. LOL. It'll be like Christmas in July.I was in Amsterdam, but only on a layover. I spent most of that time in a bathroom. I was SOOOOO sick. After I crawled to a drugstore with multi-lingual clerks and got medicine I felt better and went shopping.


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