Throw Up Thursday

As you may have guessed, this post involves lunch. MY lunch.

Abby and I took a bath, we played with bubbles, we washed our hair, we fluffed and dried and got dressed. We were feeling pretty good. We then moved into the kitchen to tackle lunch. She opened the lazy susan cabinet and pulled out a can of black beans.

I said, “No way” and spun the cabinet around looking for something edible. (Hate black beans. Hate!) Tuna. We had a can of tuna. I said, “Tuna sounds good, right? Mommy will make tuna.”

I stood up, grabbed a cup to mix it in, opened the can, mixed in Miracle Whip, garlic powder, celery salt and chives. I got bread and made a large sandwich for me and a small one for Abby. We went in the living room, flopped on the couch and I took a bite while channel surfing for baby TV.

Hmm, I wondered, “What is that taste?”  I find a show while chomping away, sit back and look at my sandwich. My bread is covered in mold.


I ran into the kitchen hoping to get to the garbage before I threw up. I tossed in both sandwiches, and spit out what was in my mouth. I searched the cabinet for alternate food. I was left with yogurt and baby crackers. Abby looks at me like I’ve lost my mind.

I grab the bottle that’s on the counter, fill it with water to make her a bottle so she can eat that while I lie on the floor in the bathroom.

Then I notice the smell. “What the–??” I put the bottle to my nose and sniff.


This is the bottle I found under the crib…not the bottle I had washed and cleaned and had given her earlier this morning. OMG.

I locate the PROPER bottle, rinse it, make a fresh batch of formula and lie Abby down for her nap.

So. Not only did I give myself some horrible stomach ailment, I also almost did the same to my cute sweet baby.

Dear Company,

If my guy doesn’t show up for work tomorrow please just assume he’s either dead or at the ER having his stomach pumped because he has eaten something I cooked for dinner.



7 thoughts on “Throw Up Thursday

  1. Elisa, you are lucky to be alive! Don't ever eat mouldy bread again! It is not penicillin! Please keep the bread in the fridge from now on! Remember where you live! It is hot and humid! Stuff doesn't keep!p.s. I am home and blogging.


  2. Yikes! I hope you're recovering, and your babe. As per your question on irrational fears….we weren't sure if it was an actual question or if you were talking out loud. Either way, it might be beyond our scope. I for one have plenty of them too. My oldest son is wicked scared of thunderstorms. (maybe that's not irrational) I hate spiders. I'm not sure what the psychology is behind it.


  3. Ciaooooooo Elisa!!Oh no no!! How are you feeling now? You're really sweet! I'm glad that my little rambling bring a smile to your face. Oooh how cool is that! A gift swap is awesome!! Oh, what I want from America? ehm…can I think about for a wee bit longer ^_^? Let's email about it!Aww sorry to hear you didn't feel well when you were on Schiphol :(! Well hopefully next time you're here, you will enjoy and have a great time!!Till next time & Have a lovely weekend!Xx TJ


  4. O.K.,sister! You are not the only one whose cooking might be suspicious! I took son, Keil, to lunch yesterday for his birthday. I ate way too much so I wasn't hungry for dinner. I fixed Rod and Keil a nice salmon salad and then went to answer emails. After an hour, Rod came in and asked why I didn't eat."That fish WAS fresh, wasn't it" he asked me.


  5. ROFL. TJ I'll see you in email. :)Judie…it's always suspicious when you don't eat what you cook. I wonder if that's why my guy doesn't finish his dinner on nights I make fish? (I hate fish. I make it for him because he likes it and I eat something else. LOL)Also, I suggested we keep the bread in the fridge and explained why…and the guy put it back in the cupboard. I didn't wanna argue and figured it was easier to just keep using it where it was instead of putting it in the fridge so it's my fault. Right now? New bread in the fridge! BLEH!Sai, thanks for the comment. I feel totally freaked out with bugs. TOTALLY. My guy was changing light bulbs out and accidentally held the shade sideways which meant all the dead bugs fell on ME. I yelled and cried. I'm a wuss.Thanks everyone for reading.


  6. Dead animals freak me out, and I have seen a lot of them in the last month! Cats, which I used to love and have kept, are freaking me out, since they have been responsible for the dead animals I have seen lately.Rod will generally eat whatever I put in front of him, with the exception of liver.


  7. Do internet awards make your stomach turn? I've never gotten one before, but I got one today and I was instructed to pass it along to 10 bloggers I had recently discovered. So I decided the best course of action was to choose the last 10 bloggers who commented on MY blog. One of which is YOU! So yay Hooray ! Or not? Like I said I am a little fuzzy about whether these awards are something to be celebrated, or a new form of chain letters. Regardless, you got one. So at the very least, thanks so much for coming and commenting on my blog !


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