I Won An Award! :)

The Fabulous Sugar Doll Blogger Award

Since this is really the first year I’ve been blogging, this is my first award of any kind from anywhere. So, of course, I’m flaunting it. (And giggling like a schoolgirl.)

This award comes with the following rules:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
2. Share ten things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 10 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know you’ve picked them for the award.

Oddly enough following the rules is what’s giving me hives. ((0.0))

But here we go.

1. I’d like to thank the Academy and everyone who voted. Oh wait…wrong acceptance speech.


Thank you much much much to Daffodil Campbell for reaching into the unknown to find ME. Just knowing you were here made me smile.

2. Ten things about myself. Um. Right. Let’s see:

  1. I like Hulu.
  2. I hate black licorice.
  3. I’m writing a book. Or two.
  4. I get slapped in the face daily. (Thank you, Abigail.)
  5. I’m allergic to grass. GRASS! (Do you know how many people have the nerve to mow in the summer? HOW RUDE!)
  6. My favorite candy is caramels with the cream in the middle.
  7. My favorite color is red.
  8. I hate fish. As pets and dinner.
  9. I love the water.
  10. I can whistle like a bird.

3. and 4. I’m off to do that now! That, and figure out how to put my award on a virtual shelf over there so everyone can see it and tell me how awesome I am. LOL. 🙂


13 thoughts on “I Won An Award! :)

  1. Hello hello!! Woohooo *applauds* your first award! Yay! You definitely deserve it!How lovely to get know you a bit more! You're writing a book! How cool is that! I would love to know more about it! I'm writing ehm…2 or 3 myself haha. well not at the moment, first thesis and then full attention to the drawing and writing! You can hand the black licorice to me hehe. Aww Abigail sounds so sweet ^_^.Till next tweet/email/comment!Xoxoxo! TJ


  2. Thank you. :)Well, maybe i'll tell you about the book in an email. (Wouldn't want someone to steal my idea.)You can have all my black licorice. :)Abigail is absolutely adorable and sweet and funny and smart. I don't get the slapping thing. 🙂 She also bites me. It must be love!!Nice to see you here, TJ! *waves*


  3. Oooh if you don't want to tell it yet, it's perfectly fine! If you need someone to proofread or you need an opinion, you can always ask me :).Woohoo thank you! *takes the black licorice and gives the caramel cream candy to Elisa*Aww biting and slapping…that's the ultimate love from her ^_^.I'm going to eat dinner now…something with chicken and ehm…I need to check hehe.Ciaooo Xx *waves*


  4. Elisa, you are awesome even without an award. If I could be sure they would not melt in transit, I would send you a box of caramel creams. It was 107 here yesterday, so I know they would melt on the way to the post office.


  5. Awww. Thanks Judie. 🙂 Um…remember me at Christmas? LOL I don't even want to imagine 107. It's been cold here lately and yesterday we had the Weather Channel on all afternoon because of TORNADO warnings and severe thunderstorms. (Am I in Kansas??) My guy's from the South, and he's like "What's with this? Is this normal?" I'm like "I've never seen a tornado." (0.o)


  6. Oh, and TJ I had lunch. I had pumpkin and squash ravioli with green beans, carrots and apples.Um. INTERESTING. (And no, I didn't make it so I don't have to go to the ER to have my stomach pumped.):/


  7. Congratulations! And well deserved!Hope you're having a good Monday. I hate black licorice too! It makes me allergic to grass…….OK, I'm kidding, but I do hate it.


  8. LOL! Maybe THAT'S it!!! My Monday is ok. I got this award, I have ppl who comment and email me telling me I'm ok and on the other hand I have to call a government office cause they're RIDICULOUSLY STUPID and say "I didn't do this" (RE: DAMN YOU FUCKERS!). But other than that and being slapped, I'm good! 😀


  9. Well, I have seen several tornadoes and have survived one when I lived in the South.A strange phenomon: Whenever I have a dream about a tornado, I will come down with some illness within a couple of days. This has been happening ever since I was a child.


  10. Tornadoes causing illnesses makes as much sense as black licorice causing grass allergies so jump on in, Judie! LOL!My guy's seen them too, and being from ALAGA he's also fond of hurricanes and tropical storms. I grew up in PA. We get rain.


  11. Thanks Lanita! I'm grateful for the follow! I don't think anything of mine broke, but my eyes water and I itch so much I stay in and have to keep the windows closed. Silly thing is, we don't even have a yard!


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