Hello Little Pooples…

Please forgive any lack of punctuation, spelling errors and lack of sense. This baby is NOT sleeping. She’s ok…she naps during the day. I have a hard time doing that until I’ve been without sleep for so long that I just fall over from exhaustion.

Exhaustion here I come!

Two nights ago she woke up at 12:30 or 1:30 and was up til 3:30. I was up til 4 to make sure she was asleep. Then she had a pretty normal night, woke up once. No big deal. Last night she woke up and fussed a bunch of times right in a row after we went to bed. Then, at 1:30 she woke just long enough to wake me up, get me to the crib and locate her bottle. Then she went to sleep. I put the empty bottle on the dresser and laid back down. As soon as I fell back to sleep she was up again. (Gah!) Then, I got her a bottle and of course, she would not  be happy. Once again I brought her out to the living room so she wouldn’t wake Daddy. We were out here about an hour. Then I couldn’t take anymore. I laid her back down. She drank her bottle, played with her BabyTad, and eventually went to sleep….only I couldn’t because I was awake then.

That’s how my day began at 1:30 this morning. I stayed up, I made my guy’s lunch and breakfast, got dinner out to defrost, washed and rinsed a load of clothes and did the dishes. When he left for work I had the chance to lie down and get some sleep. Did I?


My fibromyalgia is really bad right now. It actually hurts me to lay in bed. When I’m up I’m barely mobile. I laid on the couch, but it’s Tuesday. Where I live Tuesday is garbage day. The garbage truck is so loud you can hear it if it’s anywhere in a 4 block radius: the truck engine, the backing up BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, the crashing of dumpsters and the dischordant jingling and grinding of broken glass.


Eventually it did what it had to and went away. Finally. Quiet.  My eyes closed.

And that’s when the chainsaw started.


2 thoughts on “Hello Little Pooples…

  1. Elisa, put down that chainsaw!! It is not the way to go, sister!Seriously, though–I know how exhausted you are. Things will get better pretty soon. I've been there, and I know I am right.


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