I’m Suffering. You’re Laughing.

I have this thing where I substitute one word for another word. Unfortunately they’re never interchangable words. :/ Last week the big funny thing was when I confused “chipmunk” with “chimpanzee”. It’s one thing for your dog to be chasing a chipmunk through your yard. Quite another spectacle for your dog to be frolicking with  a chimpanzee.

Today it’s a cloudy about to rain day. It’s very breezy. So I opened the windows “to let the crossdressers in”.


VIMH: “What?!”

Me: “To keep us cool.”


That would be “cross-breeze”.

And, sadly for me…maybe luckily for you, my dyslexia is blooming and I’m thinking the right words but they’re coming out totally wrong. It’s taken me forever to write this.

I may “step back” for a bit and let nature either correct it’s wrongdoings in my brain or completely destroy me…if it ends well I’ll be back.

Do you ever have those dreams where something is chasing you and you KNOW you have to get away and do it quickly, but when you run it feels like you’re running through sand and you aren’t getting very far? For me, trying to communicate right now is like that. Like my brain is working but its output has to fight through leagues of ocean waters to get to daylight. Some of my ideas never make it…they float, trapped, below the surface. Others can see them, but they’re ripply and unclear. They don’t understand what I’m thinking or trying to express.

It’s frustrating. I’ve always been an exceptional speller (despite the dyslexia) and I’m very good at grammar. Right now my first drafts are more like a small child’s first effort. Gah.

Anyway, I love you guys, I love writing and I love my blog. I can’t let intense frustration kill my love for these things. I’ll be here. I just may not be posting. Or I may. If my brain clears up.

Thanks, as always, for reading. I *heart* hearing from you.



20 thoughts on “I’m Suffering. You’re Laughing.

  1. Oh noooo! I shall not laugh while you're suffering :|I have those dreams too! very annoying, because I knoooow that I can run if I want to! But that stupid slow motion feeling keeps getting the way *sigh*So just don't vanish into thin air okay?! I need to keep an eye on you…you know for our party arrangements hehe ^_^. Hope all is well, don't ever stop writing please! I'll be here when you get back *waves*Xoxo or xaxa…hehehe


  2. I had a dream last night that two different sets of burglars broke in our house and were looking for stuff to steal. They kept asking where our money and valuables were, and we kept telling them that we had none. I hit one on the head with a giant rock that happened to be in our bedroom. He got sick and threw up. Then someone came in and bought our house.So, tell me–am I about to have a nervous break-down???xoxo,J.


  3. Last night I dreamt an old friend and I were in a car together on the top of a building. (I'm thinking it was a parking garage cause otherwise??? yeah.) Only she was heading REALLY FAST to what I knew to be the blocked off edge of the building. I'm thinking she thought she would drive to the other side and drive down. But she was speeding. I panicked and turned the steering wheel and screamed NOOOOOOO and of course, the car turned and skidded sideways REALLY fast, and at that point there was no controlling it. I watched helplessly out my window as we slammed into the brick wall and off the roof.My friend threw her hands in the air and said "There's nothing I can do!" So, while we're flying through the air she's just sitting there with her hands up saying over and over again "there's nothing I can do". I put my seat belt on (late much?) thinking that at least I won't be thrown out of the car when we crash and begged her to do the same.And we flew.Almost literally. We didn't just drive off the roof and slam to the ground. We went sideways over the city below.I prayed. "You are so good. You can do anything, please don't let us die. I'm sorry, but I AM NOT DONE HERE. I have so much to do. Please." thinking the whole time of Abby's little face and her upcoming birthday.Then I realized that we were still flying (flinging actually) but we were slowing down.A building loomed large and I yelled, "Here we go!" waiting for the crash into it.But we missed it. Just barely. I could literally see the small holes in the bricks and the graininess of the mortar as we went past. I had time to think "Oh good."And then I shut my eyes because we were definitely almost to the ground.And then we were still.Stopped.SET DOWN ON EARTH. My friend started the car (stalled in the air?) and we drove to wherever we were originally heading like nothing had happened.I would rather have sold my house I think.


  4. Oooooh right hahaha! XanaX hehe.That's an interesting dream! do you have a dream journal?Love ya too!! Have a great weekend Xoxo!


  5. No I don't. Usually my dreams are either really weird or very gory or very scary or some combination of the three. Most of the time I wake up hoping to forget them.


  6. Yes….malapropisms….funny, but also scary when it's you. I do them too. The funniest one I've hear is my wife's grandmother. She calls asparagus, asparagrass. Usually malapropisms are real words substituted for other real words, but that one was close enough. Check out our other site. We don't update much. Maybe you've already been. Hang in there. http://www.beyondmalapropism.blogspot.com


  7. No laughing here. Sometimes I struggle for a word I know and I just can't think of it. I get very frustrated, which just makes it worse. I read recently that stress will cause the brain to "go blank." Funny, I just blame the Mad Cow.


  8. Sai, come to think of it my grandmother used to switch "carousel horse" for "casserole horse". Usually if I can't think of a word I can see the first letter in my head. After that it's a crap shoot. I KNOW what each word means so I should know the difference. I went out with my friend Sue and my eyeliner ran. I was primping in her car in the vanity mirror and said "Oh no! I look like a rooster!" (R – RACCOON) sigh. I was looking at speech and language disorders and decided I have a mild case of A— The word is escaping me right now. It starts with A. Unfortunately VIMH is trapped in my mind too so the closest we could get is "ass-taxes". And we KNOW that's not it.Lanita, in my neck of the woods the "mad cow" is my mother. Of course, I could blame her too. ROFL.


  9. When we play bridge we use these permanent tallies and each one is a different musical instrument. That bitch who used to be in our bridge group had chosen the bassoon, and when we changed tables one of the women said, "Oh, I'm playing with the baboon." I just looked at her a burst out laughing. "Close," I said, "but no cigar." Then she realized what she had said.


  10. I hate those dreams. Especially the ones that you feel like you're ready to fight and kick some ass but when you try and punch it's all in slow motion and when your hand finally hits the person's face it's barely a pat. It's horrible! And honey letting the cross-dressers in sounds like a bucketload of fun!


  11. LOL. I've had that too…also knowing I had the power to poof myself invisible only when I did it in my dream everyone could still see me. :/If the crossdressers came in I'd at least have more clothes to wear.


  12. Elisa,Well it runs in our family too. My sister always used to call herself Miss Malaprop. That's why I started doing the cartoon. That stuff cracks me up. That is until I do it! :)Hey, could you do me a favor? Maybe I already asked you. I can't remember. I got an Op-Ed piece published in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. If you had time to leave a comment at the end of the piece. It's online. It would be cool.Here's the link. If you can. Thanks a ton! http://www.cleveland.com/opinion/index.ssf/2010/06/for_the_love_of_baseball_–_an.html


  13. Elisa, the next time Sae asks us to comment, we need to come up with something profound that the whole nation with start following him with his Op-Eds.Can you think of any thing profound? If you do, will you let me know?HAHAHAHAHA! xoxo


  14. I have a new baby. His name is Walter Hagan. He likes living with us because we are such fun. He is blond with brown eyes.


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