I’m Moving!

So I’ll be offline for a while with only the library for internet access. That means, I’ll be able to post blogs (can email those) and read comments (ditto:email) but won’t be able to respond unless you include your email addy in your comment.  (Because the library computers won’t let me anywhere near my blog. Go figure.)

At least, I think I get your comments and not just the first Xnumber of characters. (??)

I’m doing the best I can. Between that and being pushed to the brink of a future I didn’t want…I’m hanging in here. So far. It’s also really VERY TRULY unbelievably FREAKING hot, which hasn’t done a thing for my migraines which don’t do a thing for my ability to comprendo.

Will write when I can. If you want to email me, feel free. I don’t know how often I’ll get to the library because I also have to look for a regular job. Or two. Or three. Ugh. Remember me when I wasn’t sleeping? Yeah. It’ll be like that for about the next two years. (That’s my disclaimer for future bouts of insanity, half-sentences and random thoughts.)

Again, thanks to everyone who reads, those who write, and those who bother with me at all.

Happy Summer!


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