Where I Ramble and You Say “Huh?”

Abby is sick. At first we thought it was chicken pox because Abby got a fever out of nowhere and then woke up with a few scattered spots. So, Monday we went to the doctor pediatrician. By then the spots were fading and I felt like a boob for calling and taking Abby in. BUT, they said better to know what’s going on and said it was a viral thing. It seemed to be going away so just give her benadryl if she’s itchy, tylenol if her fever came back. She has been absolutely miserable since then. She isn’t sleeping well, feeling like doing anything, or happy. EVER. Abby mostly cries….doesn’t sleep long if she does finally konk out. I feel so bad for her. She’s also looking slightly mottled. So I’m wondering if we just went to the doctor too early. (ACK)

And, I’ve been moving around, walking, going to the store instead of staying on the couch happily sitting on my frozen veggies…and I’m paying for it. Every evening has been hard on me and all the times I moved have piled up and dropped pain bombs on me all day today. I’m ready to…I don’t know what. I feel like crap.

I need a home care aide. And brownies. And some of Brenda’s Barcardi watermelon whatever it was.

And a nap.

Murder me, Harry.


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