Time Stopped (The Broken Pelvis Journal, vol 3.)

Really. I swear. I’ve ventured out of the house twice today. Both times I’ve come home and begged for drugs and fallen onto the couch. They say 6-8 weeks of recovery time. I’m almost to week 5 and it feels like week 2.

Next time I break my pelvis I’m going to do it when I have a nanny and an assistant who will bring me things while I lay still (LIKE I’M SUPPOSED TO BE DOING) and groan. At first I didn’t see a need for crutches, but now I wish I had some. I’m seeing another ER visit in my near future if things don’t improve drastically in the next five minutes or so. (LOL, but not really.)

I already have Fibromyalgia and live with some amount of pain on a daily basis anyway. I mean, REALLY? REALLY? I used to think “everything happens for a reason”….but….yeah. Not so much.

Feel free to call and keep me company while I lie on the couch on a bag of ice and try not to whine. I’m trying really hard to be a big girl here.



6 thoughts on “Time Stopped (The Broken Pelvis Journal, vol 3.)

  1. Girl, I feel your pain. I broke my hip when I was 17, and in my 4th week of Basic Training in the Army. I then ran on it for 5 weeks. I am with you. I am SO with you.


  2. Big, big hugs! I'd send you the 'Bacardi watermelon whatever-it-was' recipe in hopes it might keep you down for awhile; but it might not be a great idea considering you have the baby to care for! :/


  3. LOL. Yeah. It's okay. I can almost move on a daily basis. I've been avoiding the stairs and it's been a little better. (A little.) Thanks for thinking of me.


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