Saturday Night FreakOut

So, Matt’s got a job. He doesn’t start until the 13th, which puts his first paycheck…well, after that. (Ugh) In the meantime we’re still at the hotel which is sucking our savings account dry.

Abby hasn’t been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks especially. The last day or so she’s been crying (almost screaming) for no apparent reason and Matt’s worried we’ll get thrown out of here. If that happens we have nowhere to go. We still don’t have a car, aren’t getting paid yet, etc etc.

He went through a hassle at the new bank because he couldn’t sign up for online banking (which he uses constantly) because he couldn’t answer questions about his ex-wife’s current address and property. (He’s been divorced over ten years and hasn’t talked to her since then. !! He went into a local branch to close his account and they asked what happened and they fixed it for him there. Finally.

So then the cell phone. It’s kind of pay as you go. It’s the end of the month which meant we’re out of time. that’s fine. We had planned to let it run out so we could change the number. So, Matt logged online to add his new bank card and put time on that. Nope. If you wanna change anything about your account you have to call them.

Um…NO PHONE NOW! Hello??? ARGH. So he walked to the gas station to get a phone card and they had every kind but the one we use. It was too late to go to a phone store and get another kind.

That brings us to tonight….he was worried about getting thrown out, not working yet and having money coming in…worrying that he won’t actually get to start working because he had to take a drug test and took vicodin a week before and he’s afraid he won’t pass the drug test…. So, deciding that the best thing we can do is to be proactive and find somewhere to live RIGHT NOW in case we get asked to leave.

That means that our best bet over the weekend to find something (with no phone, mind you) is for him to go to his mom’s and look at the nearby trailer parks (in ALABAMA, mind you…not GEORGIA where we’re looking for work and have to get to to work) and hopefully find a landlord who will rent to us and work with us on the deposit (so we can afford to turn on utilities).

And that means….

THAT HE’S WALKING IN THE DARK ALONG THE HIGHWAY FROM HERE TO HIS MOTHER’S HOUSE IN ALABAMA. Why? Because he can’t call her, and neither she nor his sister was online when he came to this decision at 9:30….so he’s walking. He’s walking through places he told me not to be by myself. He’s walking down streets he’s told me that people there will see someone walking and attack them. He’s walking.  ALONE. IN THE DARK. WITH NOTHING TO DEFEND HIMSELF WITH (all we have is plastic silverware).

Before he left he reviewed safety rules with me. I’M AT THE HOTEL. I’M not allowed to answer the door or go outside. Even tomorrow in the daytime. I have everything I need right here. DON’T LEAVE. DON’T OPEN THE DOOR.

Him? Walking around outside in the dark with cars whizzing past and axe murderers lurking about.

I am a freaking MESS right now.

He said when he gets there he will message me (mom or sisters computer) or call (they have cell phones).

I have to say this again:


Abby and I were both in tears when he left. Her because she loves him and doesn’t like him to leave without her. Me because I’m scared shitless.

Can something go right once? Please? At all? OMG.

I’ll be over here having a panic attack if you need me.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Night FreakOut

  1. I hope he makes it there safely… and that you have a phone or computer access, so you will know for certain he makes it.Meanwhile, there are places where you and Abby can go find food. Someplaces even will give it to you, free. See what services are available in your community to assist those in your situation.Meanwhile; Breathe… just breathe. It will help stop the panic attack!


  2. I wasn't worried about food or anything. Just that he made it to his moms ok. And he did. And I still have the computer? I'm not sure why you didn't think I wouldn't.He did (3.5 hours later) and I'm waiting to hear how his house hunt is going….sort of. Abby was up between 2 and 4:45 and then I stayed up til about 7:30. It's not quite 10:30 now so I'm bushed. I'm going to lie down. Hopefully Abby can handle that. lol


  3. Glad he made it. He's a brave guy! I don't even like to walk outside at midnight to pull the car in the driveway. Funny, because I used to walk around in the middle of the city when I was younger. Things change as you get older and have kids. Sorry for your struggles. It's a tough time for sure. Things will look up. I'm pulling for you.


  4. Phenix City is just over the river. That's not too bad!The three of you are together! You have it made in that department. Things will get better now.How do you get along with his mom?


  5. thanks guys. Judie, "just over the river" is different and night and when you're walking. He had to go through columbus (where he told me not to go without him) and then down the road in Alabama where he told me ppl will f*ck with you for no reason (which is also where we were when we were robbed). It took him 3.5 hours. That is bad.His mom and I get along fine. (She calls me Baby.) Why?


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