Let A Sleeping Dog Lie

All my other children slept through the night at 4 weeks, or 4 months. There was a 4 in there. That was it unless they had bad dreams or something. No problem.  Abigail is 14 1/2 months old and STILL does not sleep through the night. Lately we can’t even get her to sleep in the first place.
Her pediatrician told us a couple of months ago that it sounded pretty normal to him. (Really??) She’s healthy, up to date on shots, isn’t around people and carrying a disease that hasn’t blossomed yet. Soooo….what the heck?
We’ve tried bathing her, singing to her, rocking her, bouncing her, talking to her, lying down with her, putting her in bed with us (over months and months)…it doesn’t matter if we do the same thing everynight or we try something new. Nothing works…and if it does, it doesn’t work twice.
Last night at hre MeeMaw’s house (granted, new place) we swam in the pool to tire her out, we watched a boring movie, we bounced and she would doze. She emptied her bottle. Wide awake. We started over…and she was awake. She was up and around until around 5 or so..then I laid down with her and she fell asleep…until she rolled over and she woke up crying. We tried lying down, bouncing, hushing, turning lights down, lying down with her and she just cried inconsolably for about an hour. Then she finally went down with Daddy. I slept on the couch until I heard her crying again and I went in the bedroom with her and she laid down with me and a bottle and went back to sleep and we slept til 1:30 this afternoon.
I am dying here. I think we’ve tried everything and there just isn’t any thing that she likes that will lull her to sleep. Someone suggested lavender bath stuff…I bought that and it gave her a rash. :/
So…what are we missing? You’d think she’d go to sleep if for no other reason than she’s been awake for far too long, but no. Yesterday was a normal night, and she napped for an hour and she was awake until almost 7 am. I’m at a loss and am begging for sleeping advice. My brain no longer works. Her daddy and I just walk around and yawn. We’re like zombies. Well, zombies who are too tired to eat brains.

8 thoughts on “Let A Sleeping Dog Lie

  1. Dear Zombie Mom,Three things come to mind. Potential teething. Overly tired. Sleeping in a new place. Possibly a combination of any of the above. You might watch for teething 'issues' and perhaps a night light with soft music before bed might help.Also; instead of bathing her in the lavender; you might try an oil that can be diffused into the air. Makes her room smell nice; yet she won't break out in a rash!Hoping you all get some sleep soon….


  2. Been watching her gums. Possible culprit on lower left…right…one of those. lol. (TIRED!) I try to avoid over tired (second wind symdrome)…she was like this before we moved, so blaming the new place won't work. She has a Baby Tad (Leapfrog) that she sleeps with. He's got a nightlight in his chest (OW) and plays lullabies. Will look for some lavender Febreze or something. We're in a studio apt. Her room is our room/living room/diningroom/office/kitchen. She's been doing better the past few nights, but I'm still holding out for going to sleep and staying that way all night.God is getting me back for the first seven kids who slept really well. Life is a cruel joke. 😦


  3. Sounds like she's got your number, Elisa. Put her down and walk away with earplugs. After a couple or three days, she'll get the picture. Sounds cruel, I know, but it is better in the long run.


  4. Elisa, how does one go about putting music on one's blog? I have some of Sai's jazz cd's that I would like to share with the people who read my posts.Can you help me after you've had some sleep????xoxo


  5. Judie, we were doing that before we moved, but we're in an extended stay hotel right now and can't let her wail. the neighbors will complain and we'll be homeless.As far as music, there's a gadget you can add (search PROJECT PLAYLIST). You have to go to playlist.com and add your music etc, then I think you just add your info to the gadget. It wasn't hard. I did it. πŸ™‚


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