Job Hunting, the Edge of Insanity

I have literally spent the ENTIRE day filling out applications online. Why? Because A) I need a job, and B) when you walk into a place of business they usually tell you to fill out an application online. Or go through the Dept. of Labor. Or they’re not hiring. Or they might be hiring but Larry the hiring dude isn’t in right now. Or…. *slams head on desk*

Sometimes they tell you to go online because yes, they’re hiring. So you run home and go online all fired up to be excited about WHATEVER they’re hiring for and they’re only hiring for managers. Or help in the corporate office. In Tuscon. Or West Virginia. You know — somewhere you are NOT currently living. Or they’re hiring for something you can do, but they want someone with a 4 yr degree and 5 years of experience in that particular field. (???) Or they’re hiring and really need someone but won’t hire you because your credit rating isn’t high enough. (Seriously.) I applied for a secretarial job. I have experience. I didn’t have a 4 yr degree and good credit score. I didn’t get the position.

After a couple weeks of this I went job hunting door-to-door which works in Pennsylvania. Here, not so much. Again, “go online, go online, go online.” So, I wrote down all the stores I could see as we were driving through the city and came back here to search for them online. Some places would tell me whether or not they were hiring in my area. If not, I could move on. Great. If so, then I filled out an application and a 145 question “assessment test”.

“Employers expect their employees to steal things once in a while.” true or false?
“I am comfortable in a large group of people.” disagree, not sure, agree?
“I like to take naps at work after smoking weed at my desk and peeing in a Coke bottle so I don’t have to get up.” never, sometimes, always?


One place I applied to had two job openings. I applied to both. I was allowed to use the same application for both positions, but had to take two separate 145 question assessment tests. (20 minutes each)

Let me count:
31 places, not hiring
16 places, online, but they didn’t let me search open jobs to see if they’re hiring here
12 places online and hiring
14 places not even online
and 2 hiring, but I have to print out the apps and take them back to the store
And there are some online that will take my application, but aren’t hiring.

My entire day. Over 75 businesses and websites. I uploaded my resume…and then had to fill in everything that’s on my resume into their little forms anyway. What’s the point? One site took my resume, made me fill out everything again, and then told me they weren’t hiring in my area. SCREAM!

Needless to say I have a migraine (I’ve had it all day), I’m fed up, I can’t see straight because I’ve been staring at this monitor for THE ENTIRE FREAKING DAY, and really? I’m still no closer to getting a job.

Oh, oh! One place I know is definitely hiring, but the site was so messed up it wouldn’t even TAKE an application, and if I go there to apply they’re going to tell me to “just go online”. I give up. After 5 weeks of this I’m talking myself into believing I can make a good living for myself and my family by weaving baskets and washing car windows at an intersection. I could probably make enough money for a cheap pair of shoes for Abby by setting up a lemonade stand.

Excuse me, I feel DELIRIUM coming on. Someone, please save me and offer me a job. Please??


8 thoughts on “Job Hunting, the Edge of Insanity

  1. Welcome to Columbus, Ga. If we find decent jobs after being here for five years we’ll be doing good. I really am sorry for moving us here. I really didn’t know what else to do though. I was in a corner. There is nothing for us here.


    • Thanks Amy. We’re doing our best. I’m glad you said you like the layout…I keep wondering if I should change it. Guess I won’t!


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