I’m Official

With the start of the new blog I expected much the same as the old blog I guess. (After all, *I* haven’t changed.)  But my readers have. Already I’ve gotten spammed *WIN AN iPAD*  and have had truly relevant comments like “What’s a good place to watch tv online?” and comments that weren’t comments, but spam to come to their site.

Is this what the big time looks like?

Putting my big girl panties on.


7 thoughts on “I’m Official

  1. Hello! Your BF told me about your blog through Gather.com. So, I am here, visiting and really like it. I would have used WordPress, but I did not want to pay a fee..Isn’t Mommyhood great…I love it…nice meeting you…I was going to FOLLOW your blog, but see no place to do so…


    • This is my first time with Word Press and it takes a little getting used to. If you want to subscribe (I think that means my blog posts will come to you via email) you can do that via the righthand column where it says REGISTER.

      Thanks for coming…I’ll have to make sure Matt gets a reward. LOL.


      • Oh, you’re on blogspot. If you want to see my updates in your list on your dashboard, you just go into your “blogs I follow” and add my url http://elisaashley.com and it should show up there for you. (If you don’t want the posts emailed.)


  2. Yooohooooo! I didn’t adjust your new site in my google reader *ashamed* Sorry!!!

    ooh SPAM is soo annoying! Blogger has a new feature that keeps spam out of your blog most of the time. So far it worked! But I only had like 4 spam emails….

    Feel better soooooooooon!! Xoxoxox!


    • Well all I can do is have ppl have to have one comment approved before they’re automatically approved. I would hate to have to add a whole sign in thing and type in a captcha. I hate those…and it ruins things for the people who aren’t mindless robots. 🙂

      It’s good to see you over here! I miss you!


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