This week in my world:

Officials in Chile announced that they will bring the trapped miners (who’ve been living in darkness since August 5!!!) to the surface on Wednesday (10/13). Last week they tested the one man capsule-basket thing and it worked. They’ve been giving them food and water. Saturday they sent medical people down to assess their freaking conditions….Um….WHY NOT JUST BRING THEM UP ALREADY???

Dora the Explorer (Caitlin Sanchez) is suing Nickelodeon for breach of contract. Her side: she’s 14, making $5000 per episode (which entails thousands of recording hours) and has been doing promotional work and travel at only $40/day which might cover gas. Their side: She’s 14, has hit puberty, her voice is changing and this is her way to make money before she totally fades into obscurity. My side: SHE’S FOURTEEN! She’s working more than most grownups I know, she’s missing being a kid. If this is all she ever does with her life she should at least be paid for what she’s done and recompensed for what she’s lost (her childhood).

Kim Kardashian says, ‘I’m totally fine, guys” after a bar fight. Thank you, God. I can sleep now.

And no matter how confused I’ve felt this week I have to give that particular award (confused and what???) to Javarris James (NFL) who “went to sleep a Patriot, woke up a Redskin and went to sleep a Colt” but was finally in an NFL game.


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