One Time Only

All right, this is the only time I’m going to mention it. There is now a Paypal donation button in the righthand column. Do not feel obligated to donate money. I will not beg for money, I will only state that there is a great need. In the future we will be “paying it forward” as we remember the struggles we are currently experiencing. After our lives get less drastic I will remove it. And, should we happen to get more than we need I’ll be giving it to charity.

For those of you who may choose to donate I am humbly accepting and thanking you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve done everything “conventional” I can think of to raise money for my family (and still am) and this is where circumstances have brought me now.

For those of you who are judging me, please don’t. I know how to run a household, hold down a job, and do all the same things you do. Unfortunately, I do not control the rest of the world. I am here and I am dealing the best that I can. I hope you and your family never has to endure even a part of what we’ve been through.

God Bless.


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