What Day Is It Again?

My schedule is so messed up. Because of being sick and being in a new place I’m not even on a “regular” schedule. It’s different every day. Today I woke up at 1:30am. A couple days ago it was 4:30. Before that I was up all night and would go to bed about 6. Matt was working on the newsletter today and I thought “Boy he’s early. It’s only what–Thursday? Or is it Friday morning?” Um…yeah. Today is Sunday. He’s on time.

Yesterday we went for a walk. We saw horses (Abby was entranced) and dogs. Lots of dogs. Abby likes to hang over the side of the stroller (kinda) and yell “oof oof” when she sees a dog. I have no idea where we walked to. I only know it took a long time. (I was sick.) We ended up in another county. I freaked a little. Apparently we live on the border so it wasn’t a big deal (what do I know?).

The weather has changed too. The sun is out, but it doesn’t get deathly hot like it used to…and when a breeze blows it feels like a breeze, not like you stepped into a blast furnace. It feels like home. It feels like summer in Pennsylvania. I’m a happier camper.

But that’s not as funny as me having heatstroke, is it? 🙂



10 thoughts on “What Day Is It Again?

  1. Yay for cooler weather! Although the weather here is already uber cold -_-. I went outside today and it freezing! Well it felt like that. Not fun! I need to dress more warmly now.

    Awww Abby going ‘oof oof’ ^_^ Too cute!

    Hope you’re feeling better! Xoxoxo


  2. Hey hey, great blog. Entertaining for sure! I especially liked the “Tales from the crib”!
    I’d love for you to check out my blog if you can, leave me comments please! 🙂

    Keep up the fun


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