It’s interesting to see how people find my blog. I just read over my stats and someone found me by searching “asxhlevydootecom”. Um…? Yeah. That is SO close. I can understand the confusion. To think I used to be amazed because people found me by searching “haldol and motherhood”.


Does anyone watch Destination Truth? I started watching because my sister-in-law wouldn’t stop talking about Josh Gates (hi, Josh!) but come on. Any thrill the show would offer is offset by the usually premature “Okay, let’s get out of here.” Watch sometime when you have nothing better to do. As soon as they get close to something, or something interesting happens, they leave! Why fly all over the world with fancy equipment at great expense to somebody (maybe that’s why they skimp on transportation?) for nothing? It’s not so much intriguing as it is frustrating to viewers.

And, to WEtv, all I can say is I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST IN WATCHING A SHOW ABOUT PEOPLE WHO HAVE TO ‘DOWNSIZE’ DUE TO THEIR OWN ACTIONS. This new series (DOWNSIZED) about a family with 7 kids features parents who tell their teen daughter she can’t go to cheerleading anymore, and a mother who whines “I have a Master’s degree and it’s come to me to clean houses.”

Puh-leez. The dad said “We got ourselves into this, we’ll get ourselves out.” We’re living with family (not in our own house), not because of our own actions, and I would be thankful for any job I could get, not whine about it. I can’t even FIND a job. And unlike that whiny mommy, I’m facing jail time for not being able to pay child support to my ex. Not because I’m a deadbeat and having so much fun over here and drinking my paycheck away….because I AM POOR AND HAVE NO MONEY.

How about a show featuring people who know how to count their blessings and inspire others? In this economy there are plenty of people who are “downsizing”…we could use a little encouragement…not people who are (STILL) better off than we are whining because they’re too good for their circumstances. Entitlement anyone? That’s probably the reason they got over their heads in the first place.


7 thoughts on “What?!

    • I like the OTHER kind of reality shows. Like Cake Boss and Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I have no interest in people eating bug doo doo for money, playing pranks on one another, doing stupid things (Jackass) or tactless people from New Jersey. It makes me wonder about what constitutes “reality” now.


  1. I’ll admit, I am a sucker for the Bachelor and The Bachellorette, but then they came out with the Bachelor Pad–all the slutty rejects from past shows and put em’ all together and then let the scandals unfold. Give me a break! No one wanted you the first time, why come back for a second??

    Good luck to you hun!!!


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