Sarah Palin is at it again

At what?

pissing. me. off.

In her Alaska special she’s shown cavorting through the tundra with her family where she states “I’d rather do this than be stuck in some stuffy political office. I want to be out here…being free.”

Oddly enough, on the heels of the promo (seriously, not minutes later) the news is talking about Palin’s upcoming bid for the Presidency. Of the United States.



LIVE. ((0.o))

Can someone tell her that isn’t a part-time job, she’ll be spending MOST of her time in a “stuffy political office” and will rarely during her four-year stint (should she –God forbid–WIN) be “out here…being free.”

Someone please tell her that Presidents devote all their time and most of their energy to preserving the freedoms of the American people…not their own freedom to do whatever they want when they want? (Get Clinton on the phone, he’ll tell her. BTDT.)

Someone please tell her running a country is indeed a much different matter than running her state (does she have enough family members to appoint to all the cabinet offices?) or her household (wait, her teenaged daughter got pregnant which she later pooh-poohed with “Oh she’ll be a great mom.”)…um….

Let’s not forget her last ride on the campaign train. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did she spend on new clothes for herself and her family? And then claimed they weren’t HERS, “they’re the Republican Party’s. They’re just tools I could use.” Really? How many other Republicans have used those tools? Oh. They can’t because why? That’s right. They’re in your closet. I see.

Yeah, she’s done enough. Someone please slap that woman. I don’t want her near any important buttons.

“Ooh, SHINY!”


4 thoughts on “Sarah Palin is at it again

  1. Love the new look!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you on this one. Does she really think people will vote for her as the next leader of the free world when she quit her last gig because it was too hard?

    I think the woman is insane.


  2. Thanks, Lanita!

    I’m also still wondering why Bristol is on Dancing with the Stars. STARS. Has she done anything besides get knocked up and follow her mommy around?


  3. I’m loving the make-over! Nice work!

    And I couldn’t agree more! Palin is a sick puppy someone picked up on the side of the road to help out, and now she just won’t go away!


    • Hey Portia! You’d think she’d realize she isn’t famous for her political efforts, but because she’s a national joke. We’re not laughing WITH her….


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