Where Did She Learn THAT?

Abigail is 17 months old today. She is growing and learning and doing more physical things than ever before. We smile or laugh when she frowns, dances, helps to put on her own shoes, tries to push the laundry basket through the house or feeds herself. We express sympathy when she’s upset or frustrated and rubs her eyes or waves her arms in dismay.

She’s also learning to speak, and while Mommy and Daddy may know what she’s saying or what she means at any given time, she has few words that are clear enough for others to interpret. About once a week she comes up with a new word and we ooh and aah appropriately. Lately, whenever she gets mad she will frown and very clearly yell, “BEOWULF!”

Admittedly, we do read to her, choose what she sees on DVD or TV (usually Nick Jr) and Matt’s been reading some of his favorite books since before she was born. However, no one has ever mentioned Beowulf. WHERE did she come up with THAT???


2 thoughts on “Where Did She Learn THAT?

    • She’s babbled “I’m pissed off right now”….this is very clear, and in the past few days has been constant. “BEOWULF!”

      The line between madness and motherhood is blurring.


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