Terms of endearment

MIL: I got another joke from my friend “Douche”…

SIL and me: You have a friend named “Douche?”

MIL: Yeah, he’s great. He sends jokes all the time.

SIL: Is he a young guy? (wondering why he’d name himself “Douche”)

MIL: No, he’s like 70.

Me (thinking maybe she’s read his name wrong): Do you mean “Deuce?”

MIL: No, it’s “Douche.”

SIL: Spell it.

MIL: D-o-u-g-h

SIL and me: That’s DOUGH. OMG. (burst into laughter)

MIL: What? OMG. Well what am I gonna do? I’ve been calling him “Douche” for the past 8 years!