I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack



Okay, I am for real, for sure back this time. We finally have a working computer (damn cables) and internet at home like the rest of America. We are leaping into the 90’s. WOOT.


We are in our own home, not living with strangers, not having to fight off dumpster rats for food (well, okay, it never got THAT bad) and slowly filling our house with things most people have and take for granted. Like a washer and dryer (YAY!)…and internet.


We’re doing well. I’ve missed talking to my friends online. Well, AT ALL. With no internet and no phone and no money for stamps (yes I know how that sounds) I’ve been living in a box. I feel like I can breathe now.


Abigail will turn two years old next month. Time flies when you’re poor. (Mostly because we’ve been busy working clawing our way out of the hole in which we’d found ourselves.)


[Note to homeless shelters: Not all homeless people have drug or alcohol addictions, no working knowledge of the internet or how to find a job (Matt was actually employed when we went to the shelter, and the last time we were homeless – 2008 – we were both employed and still had no money for food or bus fare). Not all homeless people are in need of constant supervision, anger management classes and hourly worship services.]


Anyway, I’ll be back to posting regularly, so feel free to come back and read! 🙂




2 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack

  1. That’s why they call you Elisa Ashley. You’re back. You’re back.

    Hey, how in the heck do I logon, like as a user ‘n stuff?


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