I made the decision to potty train Abigail. I made this decision because when her diaper is wet or poopy she’ll tell me. Sometimes she’ll take it off and bring it to me. I said, “If you’re old enough to change yourself, you’re old enough to go potty.”


So, I bought Dora the Explorer underwear. For her. (I know at least one of you was wondering.) I decided that it would be best to face the potty training demons head on and shun diapers and pull ups.


Today she’s been wearing underwear. I decided to take her potty every 30 minutes thinking that eventually we’ll catch her at a time when she needs to go potty. To do this I prefer to use a kitchen timer or the timer on the microwave. This time around I don’t have either of those things and am left to use the alarm clock.


My fear is that she’ll learn to pee on cue every time an alarm clock rings. When she’s older she’ll pee every time a school bell rings to change classes, or maybe it’ll transfer to every bell sound: church bells Sunday mornings, the arrival of an elevator and every time the telephone rings. I’m afraid by potty training her I’m setting her up for a future filled with Depends and psychotherapy and a lifetime of solitude. Her future groom will change his mind as she wets herself in the vestibule as the church bells ring if not before then.


But you have to do what you can. All I have is the alarm clock since my mind won’t realize it’s been 30 minutes. So far she’s managed to pee on the floor before each 30 minute alarm ring. Ten minutes ago she looked like she was going to pee so I rushed her into the bathroom where she yelled, “NO NO NO NO NO”. I thought, “well, let’s not damage her psyche” and I let her return to the living room to play. Then I made her mad when I wouldn’t let her play on the computer, her little body tensed as she cried and yes, she peed on the floor.


She’s wearing a diaper now.


And I’m pretty sure I have MORE gray hairs.


Maybe I don’t have to potty train her. She’ll learn on her own eventually, right? I mean, no one’s wearing diapers at high school graduation. Maybe I can wait her out.


*sighing heavily*


On the bright side, my living room carpet is clean. Very, very clean.





4 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. With Elliott, I realized she wouldn’t pee or poo if she didn’t have a diaper on. One Saturday I took her outside and let her run around naked with the potty chair close by. Pretty soon, she walked over and peed in her potty chair. Then I moved it inside, and after a weekend, she was potty trained.

    You might give it a try. You don’t want her to have to wear Depends for the rest of her life!


    • I’m glad that worked for you. This isn’t the kind of place where you can let baby girls run around naked, and our back yard is totally exposed. So that won’t work. I had a friend whose mom told me to try letting my older boy run naked in the house, but he just peed on everything. I’m sure it’ll come together eventually.


  2. Is that why she was all poopy near the truck yesterday? Lol…

    Boop, Boop……Abby poops and we all go for a loopty loop.

    Lol…..maybe we shouldn’t play with the car alarm any more?


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