The First Cut Is the Deepest


(That was Sheryl Crow, ya’ll)


To cut or not to cut? This is the question. Abigail is adorable and I love her and I’m very happy her hair is long enough for the pigtails she won’t wear. I’ve trimmed her bangs twice so she can see, but her style needs severe help. It’s long in the back, but about ear length (and usually swept toward her face) at the sides. It’s very Carol Brady.



See? Cute, but…RETRO. So as her mommy I am wondering…do I cut the back and blend it with the sides? (Too pageboy? Too Willy Wonka? Too *gasp* BOY??) Or do I just hold off and watch it grow and wait to see if the sides eventually blend in with the back? (I’m hoping for a girly layered look softly framing her face.)


If it was my hair I’d cut it figuring that it would grow out if I don’t like it. Somehow I can’t do that to my baby.



Snippy Snipperton  (playing with scissors)


5 thoughts on “The First Cut Is the Deepest

  1. I would personally keep her hair longer and let it grow out a little before cutting. Shorter hair is easier to maintain, but little girls look so cute with longer locks, and it’s easier to distinguish them from boys.

    But she’s adorable no matter what you decide to do.

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