Why LEGO Doesn’t Make Shoes

So..the Great and Wonderful Abitha and I got bored. We like to build and do art projects. On this day we decided LEGOs would be cool. Now, I don’t know if all not-quite-two-year-old’s need to have a specific project in mind, but Abby does. Usually we make chairs for her babies,


Baby Sophie's Throne

or beds, or a small stool for her to sit on to watch tv, or castles


Castle Destruction

or neighborhoods. Today? SHOES.


High Heel


Peep Toe High Heel




High-top Sneaker


They’re big, colorful, clunky and really hilarious when she tried to walk in them. The bad news is, if we want a pair we have to buy another set of blocks.  LOL

I know….we’re weird.



2 thoughts on “Why LEGO Doesn’t Make Shoes

  1. All righty then…. lol. My next shoe purchase just has to be those naughty monkey red and white gingham peep toes. Just dunno what to wear them WITH, which means a whole new outfit… which means i have to lose yet MORE weight. I’m liking the weight loss, but not the hunger part. I need… munchies!


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