G, L, and F

I just looked over the blog here and noticed I say “Okay” and “So” a lot. Really. SO…I’m not going to say them anymore.

Okay? Hahahahahaha

Today’s post is brought to  you by the letter G. And L. I’m Grateful for the friends I have in my life who are family by Love if not blood. Some of you have been through hell and back with me. Some of you have supported me and welcomed me on the other side of hell when I had to make that journey alone. A few of you have taken my place on that long cold walk because I was unable to bear the strain.

Friendship (and the letter F, okay?) is one of those things that doesn’t cost money, doesn’t fade with time and doesn’t wear thin the more you use it. It does come in all sizes, colors, personalities, genders and ethnicities. It’s not exactly “one size fits all”, but there are models out there that fit you well. I hope you find yours. If you have, hang onto them. If you haven’t, don’t give up.

My friends, I LOVE you, I’m GRATEFUL for you…and I salute you.



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