Potty Train: Next Stop – DOWNtown!

Abigail is trying so hard and she’s doing amazingly well. I’m declaring her 70% potty trained. She is in regular underpants all day and will go potty herself (as opposed to me asking, sitting her down and her “accidentally” going while she’s there) and do her thing. She isn’t able to wake up at night and go yet, so she’s still in diapers or pull-ups to sleep in, and also when we go out although that may strictly be for my convenience. It’s hard in some places to find a potty, public potties are disgusting, and for big potties it’s a two person job.

She also isn’t using the potty to poo in  yet, but I know that comes later.

So, when she has to pee she runs to her little potty and pees. The problem is, she doesn’t pull down her pants first. This actually makes me giggle. I figure I’m doing laundry anyway, no big deal. She’s getting herself there and peeing in the potty, which is what we’ve been telling her. No one mentioned “pull your pants down first”.  My bad.

She’s doing great. I’m very proud of her.

Afterwards we take the full potty bowl to the bathroom and dump it and she gets to flush herself. (Big fun!) Then we wave and she says, “Bye Bee!”

And I wasn’t going to worry about potty training until she was older. HAH! In MY face!

Way to go, Abby Girl.  Mommy loves you!



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