Elisa and the Five Stages of Ownership (toddler version)

We need a new couch.

This is stage one of having your own house, being your own person, regaining you sense of individuality. We began here too. We were homeless long enough to want our own stuff but had few resources and high hopes at that time.

Ah, we have furniture!

Having just enough money for rent meant we couldn’t buy furniture. Even the cheap stuff. We happily accepted a donation from a friend as that meant it actually looked like we lived here (FURNITURE!) and we no longer had to sit on the floor in a cold draft to eat dinner or talk.

Couch? Yeah, it’s great.

Like everything else, the novelty wore off. We had a home, we had furniture, we were getting to the point where we began to get other things for ourselves and it was head down, work hard, full speed ahead.

What happened to the couch?

The head down stage wore off when we reached the point where we didn’t have to worry about the next incoming bill before we spent every cent, possibly postponing the purchase of laundry detergent or some other trivial thing just because there wasn’t enough to go around. This is when Matt came home from work and noticed right away that THE TODDLER had been up to (or into) something.

*heavy sigh* following by stomping past the couch with his head down.

This is the stage we are in now. The resignation that with a small person in the house our furniture, walls and carpeting are all subject to some preschool artistic interpretative performances. We now try to blindly sit on our couch that is scribbled on in black ink, bright pink lipstick and some form of cookie stains.

It’s a good thing we didn’t buy a new couch.



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