Elisa and The Virus

I started out the new  year with high expectations and good intentions. I wanted to post here often and planned on every day Monday through Friday.  Already I’m sidelined.

Sunday I got sick. I don’t know how or where. Sunday I was sick, but ambulatory. Sunday night I was up all night.

I’ll spare you the details. 

Monday I was so drained I had to argue with myself to get myself to do anything. When I did move I was dizzy and weak.

This is where Matt says “How could you tell — you’re always dizzy.” Ha freaking ha.

I couldn’t even fill up the sink to wash dishes. I started the water, it filled an inch or so and I had to sit down. I couldn’t even fake “They’re soaking”. Ugh.

About 3pm I whine to my friend Joni (who is available to me for specifically that purpose) that there’s no way with the dizziness, resultant nausea, and weakness I can cook dinner for Matt. Then the anxiety disorder kicks in and I’m afraid to call him and tell him so because I don’t want him to be mad (he wouldn’t be) or disappointed in me. He works hard, very hard. I am a stay-at-home mom. The house and everything in it is MY JOB. He shouldn’t have to come home after working so hard (he’s also on call at night after he comes home) and cook his own food. I mean, that’s part of what I do to take care of him. To show him I love him. I was afraid to call him.

Joni said she would call him, but didn’t want to scare him. Joni and I have each other’s spouses phone numbers in case one of us gets sick or hurt. We talk daily and she’s had a stroke. So if we’re IM-ing and she starts typing in an alien language I will call her hubby and tell him to go home NOW. Granted, if I’m sick I’m not online, but if anything goes wrong or I get scared because it sounds like someone’s breaking in or there is severe weather and I’m packing Abby up to hunker down somewhere, Joni will call Matt who will then either come home or call me to tell me where to go/what to do.

Anyway…Joni offered to call Matt because I was sick and I didn’t want him to come home to no food and my lying on the couch doing nothing. I said I’d do it. (I get points for that.)

So I called Matt and he was fine. He said he had to go to the store anyway and would get dinner. It wasn’t a big deal. He made it easy. He knew I was sick. He’s AWESOME.

I told Joni Matt had it covered and she said, “See? And you would have worried about it for hours and made it a big deal and gotten sick about it.”

She knows me so well.

Anyway, the plan was to come here to write about Abby’s potty training, but really, I’ve managed to write this in what I think is English, but I can’t focus, I’m still sick (very dizzy/nauseous) and need to lie down.


Hold that thought and I’ll be with you when I can. Let’s aim for tomorrow.



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