Elisa and the Polar Bears

My friend posted on Facebook:  Wouldn’t it be funny if we ran out of oranges because we accidentally made them all seedless?

Me: Ditto with polar bears!

My friend: Ummmmm….


So I’m posting this to explain, even though it seems really obvious to me. The short version is: if everyone had oranges and ate them instead of fish the polar bears would have a larger supply of food and would not be struggling for survival. (If you believe the polar bear activists.)

Also? If the orange growers could find a way to harness the power of global warming and point it at the orange trees we would have wonderful big juicy oranges for all of the people to eat and the polar bears could lie around on ice floes and eat fish instead of having to move south to Canada because their homes fell into the ocean and floated to Indonesia.

So…more oranges = happier polar bears.

No oranges = skinny homeless polar bears living on the streets in Toronto.

You decide.



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