Elisa and The Potty Train (Version 2.1)

A few months ago we attempted this whole potty training thing (version1.0). Abby’s birthday is in June so she’s about two and a half years old. She shows the Signs of Readiness (and has for a while). We talked about it, we let her pick out her new potty, we set it up (down?) in the living room where she could potty and not have to miss whatever the rest of us were doing. I made sure she was wearing clothes we could get on and off quickly, and was proud when she decided she didn’t like to be wet or would yell “BEE!” and run to the potty. After a while she started yelling “Uh oh, poop!” and we’d run to the potty…but she didn’t really connect POO and POTTY.  That was ok. I figured it would come in time.

Then she stopped everything. She didn’t announce she had to (or was) going. She stopped saying anything if she was already wet or dirty and she began just going wherever she was. My carpets, furniture, bedding…all peed on. I was washing everything. I had enough. I let it go.

Then, about 3 weeks ago she started again on her own (version 2.0). For one glorious day she yelled everytime she had to go and ran to the bathroom to use the big potty. I thought “WOOT!” The next day, she didn’t do so well, but was still trying. I shrugged it off. By the third day she was done. Again. Wouldn’t sit on the potty. Wanted diapers. I shrugged again. I figured if I pushed her she would rebel and not go because all little people seem to like power struggles whether they win or not. They like to engage. I was (AM!) bound and determined not to engage.

But now, I guess things are slow here, she’s still showing signs and is showing more interest at the moment so I’m leading her onto the Potty Train once more (version2.1). I ask her during the day if she has to go potty. I bring her in the bathroom with me when I go (cause who wouldn’t like THAT?), when she has to go I go with her and she’s been using her little potty, so I sit on the big potty. She can potty, empty her potty bowl thingy, put it together, climb up on it to reach the faucet, washes her hands and dries them and runs back to do whatever she was doing when the urge hit or when I asked her to try sitting on the potty.

So. With that said, last night, after being in underwear all day with no problems I went to steer her into her room to put on a diaper and jammies for bed. She was sitting in a huge puddle ON THE LOVESEAT THAT I JUST CLEANED (ahem…sorry). Her underwear and shirt were soaked. The couch cushion was soaked. The cushion cover I had just washed was ruined and she also managed to be sitting on a throw pillow (that I also just washed) and got that wet too.

I would like to say I’m optimistic…but I’m not feeling it. I keep telling myself, “No one walks down the aisle in diapers; she’ll get it eventually.”

But on the off chance she doesn’t get it? Her husband will have to change her.


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