Elisa and The Rednecks

The idiots are at it again. Months and months ago a house up the road caught fire. We can see it from our front porch. When it burned we smelled smoke but didn’t see anything…and then we didn’t see anything but there were fire trucks all over the place. They were there until the next morning.

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Elisa and “that Twitter thing”

Twitter is one of those things I like. I learn a lot by clicking on things other people post. I can jot quick messages to friends (like texting for free!) and by following people I admire I can keep up on what they’re doing so I don’t miss things like new book releases, new blog posts or tour stops.

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Elisa and The Surprise Intruder

Sometimes Abigail sleeps in my bed. When she does I keep the curtain closed and the door closed until she wakes up…

…because if I wake her up she is freaking hell on wheels all day long.


Chasing her when she’s in a good mood is one thing, trying to pacify her when she’s cranky and cries for no reason and everything seems to be cause for toddler alarm? Whole other ballgame.

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Elisa and the Grandparents

Is it a bad thing that I have a favorite grandparent? I mean, my dad’s dad died when I was really little. (Like two.) The only memory I have of him is that he would get my Barbie doll’s hair out of their faces for me. I couldn’t do it and I would take them into the living room where he was sitting in his chair and he’d do it for me. Whenever I needed him to. Without sighing heavily or making me feel like I was less important to him than whatever he was doing (usually reading the newspaper). I no longer remember his voice or his face…when I remember him it’s his arm and his hands that I see….pushing back my Barbie’s hair.

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Elisa is The Birthday Girl

My secret is out. Yesterday I got another year older.

[Note to universe: it’s not FAIR to dump a whole year on a person in one day!]

I just got back into knitting (YAY!) so for my birthday I just wanted more knitting supplies. My friend Joni sent me a gift card so I could shop and, like a 5 year old on a sugar high, I was hyper and really really REALLY wanting to go yarn shopping last night. I knew after working all day, Matt was tired so I didn’t ask him to take me. We’re going to be out this weekend so I figured I could go then. Before bed I was knitting on my project (a blanket for Abby) and I showed him I was almost out of yarn.

He used his baby voice and said, “It’s ok, honey, we’ll get you more.”

So, I pouted and said, “But I wanna get some NOW.”

Him: “You couldn’t have mentioned this earlier?” (He was obviously tired.)

Me: “I hinted earlier.”

Him: “Well, here.”

He traced circles in the air with his hands and chanted, “Abra cadabra bimblety barn, please bring Elisa lots of yarn!”

Sternly, I said, “No, you’re supposed┬áto sing ‘Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there — with a bunch of yarn!'”