Elisa and “that Twitter thing”

Twitter is one of those things I like. I learn a lot by clicking on things other people post. I can jot quick messages to friends (like texting for free!) and by following people I admire I can keep up on what they’re doing so I don’t miss things like new book releases, new blog posts or tour stops.

On my profile page Twitter likes to announce “SIMILAR TO YOU” and lists people it decides (How??) who are enough like me that I would probably want to follow them to see what they say/do. This was cool because the past few times I checked, it told me one of my favorite authors was “SIMILAR TO (me).” WOOT!  Even cooler, I tweeted her and she said she had me on her list too. 🙂

I may be more famous on Twitter than I am in real life.

I also get some spam. People I’ve never heard of randomly send me links to places where I can supposedly make tons of money — if I just send them some first. I don’t see that happening. (Please stop that, weirdos!)

And, every once in a while I peek at who is following me and I’m pleased to say I see authors, editors, screenwriters and those friends I mentioned. Again, apparently I’m more of a big deal on Twitter than I am in real life.

(Don’t tell anybody.)

But tonight I looked to see who’s following me and I saw this:

Twitter, the hell?

So. In addition to being famous on Twitter I also apparently have an “IN” with the Big Guy.

You better watch out. (You better not cry!)


My first reaction was “Ooooooooooooooookay?!?”

My second reaction was , “Well, all right. I have a direct line to Santa. That will come in handy, I’m sure.”

Then I re-read Bonnie’s little blurb there and my last reaction was, “That sounds like a dating profile. I wonder if she’s hitting on me.”


Just ACK.


Maybe I should be happy she’s only following me and not on the “SIMILAR TO YOU” list. Although, I DO enjoy crafts and I like to ice skate. Helping people is nice, and Christmas is definitely a plus. I suppose I could even get used to “playing with reindeer.”

Would I be Mrs. Bonnie the Elf…or would she be Mrs. Elisa Ashley?



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