Elisa and The Rednecks

The idiots are at it again. Months and months ago a house up the road caught fire. We can see it from our front porch. When it burned we smelled smoke but didn’t see anything…and then we didn’t see anything but there were fire trucks all over the place. They were there until the next morning.

We drive past the house when we go anywhere and it’s the ODDEST site I’ve ever seen. The house burned, there was nothing left but outside walls (brick) and a pile of rubble inside. The weird thing is that this particular house was surrounded by trees. The trees were literally RIGHT NEXT to the house. Like, where shrubs would be. RIGHT THERE. And? None of them were burned. There were a few large trees in the yard that overhung the roof of the house. They weren’t burned.

It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.

Today? Today there is a guy, who I’m assuming owned the house…that is burning the rest of the structure and trees. There is no fire truck there “just in case”…there are no “official” looking people there of any kind. Just a guy in a tshirt burning down a house.

As I said…this is in our neighborhood. There are homes on either side and across the road and that side of the road is in a wooded area. And yet? No safety precautions are in place at all. Thank goodness it’s been really rainy here lately or the wind could be burning us all out of house and home.



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